7 Life Hacks To Help You Build Better Habits

Are there easier ways to build better habits?

We already know that forming good habits isn’t easy. The trick is to see them as lifehacks where you initiate better behaviours. It requires discipline and your effort to remain committed to maintain progress

Here are 7 simple lifehacks that will help you in this process. Use these until you can repeat them without prompting. And this becomes an autopilot action.

1| Create A Commitment Plan

Be accountable. Plan what you will commit to for the next month.

By making a pledge to stick to a new habit for the next month helps consistent patterns develop. Join a group. Find others who may be taking up the same challenge. When you know others are involved you will want to keep going. And not give up when willpower subsides.

2| Generate A To-Do List and Schedule

Schedule it. It’s amazing how not having a to-do list can leave you at the end of a day with nothing accomplished. Start doing this every day. Your daily aide-memoire. To program your brain to do the same thing at the same time regularly.

Use the Eisenhower Decision Matrix.  Learn how to prioritise tasks by urgency and importance. You will be more successful with a to-do list. Until it becomes instinctive.

3| Eliminate Temptation

Remove all obstacles. Unhealthy snacks. Alcoholic drinks. All temptation becomes increased when you begin the commitment stage. Replace cravings with alternatives. For example if you want to give up smoking. Seeking professional advice can help you overcome a bad habit by highlighting positive adjustments. So that you don’t have a struggle with willpower when you are persuaded otherwise.

4| Attach A New Habit To Another

Intentionally use an existing habit. Once you successfully start one habit. Add another to it. Think of it like a stack. If the first thing you do every morning is wake up, brush your teeth, have a coffee. Begin the day by brushing your teeth. Then going for a run. Return and have a cup of coffee. Experiment. Keep inventing options on how to add new habits to existing habits throughout your day.

5| Start A Fund Jar

Be creative. Design a fun money jar for anything. Keep it on the kitchen counter and each time you revert to your bad habit. Or forget to do it systematically. You have to put money into the jar. If you fine yourself for lapses. This will act as a trigger to memorise for the next time. All the positive reasons why you started a new habit. To convince you to keep going rather than quit. At the end of each week. Count the money in the jar. Then either donate to charity. Or buy something for someone else. Push yourself to do better the next week.

6| Enlist A Friend And Support Each Other

Find a friend who is interested in the same goal as you. For your exercise schedule. Or to encourage each other on your new eating plan. When you check up on each other this will keep you both inspired. Recognising that you cannot let your team mate down is harder to deter you from sticking to a steady plan.

If it is a hard habit, ask family and friends to support you. Text messages or phone calls to boost your focus is a great encouragement for the days you get down.

7| Keep Going!

All tips are a guide to help you. If you need an app try Coach Me to keep you in check. Invent your own life hacks. As you find out what works and what doesn’t.  Utilise the helpful ones. And by sticking with a commitment plan. You will form new habits. And learn a lot about life too.

As a Christian, in every weakness. I know this is an opportunity for us to trust God and His strength to carry us through. Because His grace is sufficient for you. Because His power is made perfect in your weakness. [2 Corinthians 12:9]


With these 7 lifehacks you will be able to ensure your habits match your goals and your motivation. There is no excuse. It’s time to turn every weakness, from feeling guilty for putting things off or that list of untouched resolutions into success.

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