Is This The Time For Which You Are Called?

Earlier this year, I posted beauty tips based on the character of Esther. The Book of Esther displays the unfolding of a young woman that stood up in her generation and made a significant difference.

This weekend I had the privilege to hear Erwin McManus speak live… If you don’t know who is, please check him out here

His talk reminded me of one exceptional woman.  Esther inspires me to stand up for what is right… she chose to arise and not remain silent at a pivotal time in history… Around us we see a world in desperate need of hope… the news filled with another terrorist attack emerging and lives left marred by the carnage…

From his motivating book bursting with remarkable astuteness Seizing Your Divine Moment: Dare to Live a Life of Adventure Erwin McManus shares profoundness…

If you could capture one moment of your life, which one would it be?

Some particular moment in the past?

A moment of regret?

How many of us haven’t spent many moments reflecting on moments lost, all the time unaware that moments lost in regret are exactly that – moments lost?

If you could take a moment, seize it, and squeeze out of it all the life available within it, shouldn’t that moment be in the future rather than in the past?

What if you knew somewhere in front of you was a moment that would change your life forever, a moment rich with potential, a moment filled with endless possibilities?

What if you knew there was a moment coming, a divine moment, one where God would meet you in such a way that nothing would be the same again?

What if there was a moment, a defining moment, where the choices you made determined the course and momentum of your future?

  • How would you treat that moment?
  • How would you prepare for it?
  • How would you identify it?

Moments are as numerous as the stars in the sky and the sands of the sea, and anyone of them could prove to be your most significant divine moments.

Within those moments, a handful will become the defining moments in your life. However mundane a moment may appear, the miraculous may wait to be unwrapped within it. You rarely know the eternal significance of a moment.

When a moment is missed, you have a glimpse at an opportunity lost. When you dream, you look to a moment still to come. Yet the only moment that you must take responsibility for right now, is the one in front of you.

This is your moment!

Your challenge is not seizing divine moments, but seizing your divine moment.

Moments move in a timely manner, and time waits for no one. Though it may seem to be the case, time never stands still. And like petals of a rose, moments fall to the ground once there is no life in them.

Moments are to be treasured – not just the moments that you’ve already lived, but the moments brimming with life. I can say with confidence this is your moment.

There may well be many moments waiting behind this one, and though the most significant moments of your life may still be moments away, the moment you are in right now waits to be seized.

I had to read and re-read this! I would recommend you read his book. Esther, is an example of this… she chose to rise to circumstances beyond her control and the greatness thrust upon her… she captured the moment with passion and gracefulness… displaying courage and subtlety… she overcame obstacles and ‘seized her divine moment’ acclaimed for ‘such a time as this’ (Esther 4:14).

Will you seize the moment and make a difference?


Don’t know where to start? Practice makes perfect and you only get one chance to be the best version of yourself! Now is the time to invest in you. You can find a better way to get through you break-up. Infuse every moment with beauty. Influence every God-given dream into your destiny. And impress your tomorrow with hope and expectancy. You don’t have to do this alone and I know exactly how you feel. But there is hope in your journey, To discover that the sky is the limit. And find an undying passion for living purposefully in the centre of God’s will!

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