Hurting Heart

Hurting Heart Book

Are you struggling with numerous questions following a breaking heart?

Overwhelmed with emotions from shock to pain, how can you make sense of anything. Writing can provide a way to heal and come to terms with what has happened.

Your heart may be hurting for so many reasons. This is your story and you can choose to find a way to deal with your emotions by expressing them on paper.

Therapeutic writing provides a dreamer’s route to finding a way to ease emotional pain. And may assist another to realise their potential.

Hurting Heart sketches my expressive writings to ease the burden I unexpectedly faced from emotional hurt as I searched inward. Unveiling a strange openness as brokeness chisels your beaten, defeated soul to a point of beautiful sorrow.

You might be sad because your heart is hurting. But, writing offers a great route to rise through your solace to a place of inspiration as you get wiser by expressing your heartfelt woes on a page.

Coming soon: The Dance of My Heart is the sequel where my poetic script continues as I outline hope and optimism I acquired from breaking and being broken.

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