How To Get An Unstoppable & Unbeaten Attitude That Makes Others Want What You Have

Can you recall the times when you had a ‘light bulb moment’?

Where you swiftly stopped what you were doing and reflectively wondered – what does God want me to do?

Let’s talk about how ‘attitude is everything’. There is a reason why we are here in our world. Others may not agree or understand that reason. But God does. The bible is filled with heroes and heroines who were misunderstood or criticised. We will all encounter critics.

  • People believed Nehemiah was on an ego trip.
  • Many called Paul a madman and a fool.
  • Other’s said that Christ was controlled by a devil.

The unbiased fact is that we should expect to be criticised and sometimes attacked by others. The important element is preparing for it and being ready. To not allow it from hindering our progress. Or developing a good attitude in the process.

  • What people may say to us shouldn’t determine our attitude either.
  • Many voices may question what you are doing, or tell you how crazy you are, or advise you to quit.
  • You should sense God’s peace in all your dreams and goals.
  • When God places dreams in your heart, though it might seem outrageous to others, if you sense the peace of God that fills you, then it isn’t.
  • Although others may try to silence your hope or deny your progress in the path of pursuing your dream, one thing you will soon realise is who is a friend and who isn’t.
  • Remember all the days ordained for us were written in God’s book, before one of them came to be (Psalms 139:16). So every circumstance that moulds our attitude is designed to make us a greater and more improved person.

Over the next six weeks I will be taking some time to ponder over attitudes. The ability to switch our negative attitudes for a positive one.  We know that Christ invested time and resources into training the 12 disciples and He examined and reviewed their attitudes (through their words and actions).

These are some of the attitudes Jesus dealt with –

  • A callous attitude…
  • An impulsive attitude…
  • A fearful attitude…
  • An undiscerning attitude…
  • A self-seeking attitude…
  • A judgemental attitude…

Join me over the coming six weeks as I look at each of the above attitudes in separate posts:

Week 1 | Exchanging A Callous Attitude For A Caring One
Week 2 | Exchanging An Impulsive Attitude For A Prudent One
Week 3 | Exchanging A Fearful Attitude For A Courageous One
Week 4 | Exchanging An Undiscerning Attitude For A Perceptive One
Week 5 | Exchanging A Self-Seeking Attitude For A Kind And Thoughtful One
Week 6 | Exchanging A Judgemental Attitude For An Understanding One

Nothing in life is guaranteed to run smoothly. There will be many bumps in the road. Followed by setbacks. We might be in a situation we cannot change. But, the one thing we have the ability to change is our attitude and state of mind. Our disposition and viewpoint. Our conduct and demeanour.

To do the best we can in every situation. And though our attitude may control our life, we have the authority to control our attitude in every circumstance. Through our approach and opinion. By the way we feel about people and situations. As a result of our actions and reactions towards them.

  • To create a change in our frame of mind, we need to work at it, by exchanging old attitudes for new ones.
  • In constant analysis of every thought, until every negative mind set and notion is only replaced by positive ones, in every situation we face.
  • This is a habit, so let’s begin by examining our temperament in the course of prevailing challenges and difficulty.
  • When we do, we have the ability to pray that God will enlighten us, so that our eyes are opened to His great hope for which He has called us and given us the Spirit of wisdom and revelation (Ephesians 1:17-20).
  • We can overturn every criticism into praise and commendation when we remould our attitudes.

How about you? What habits and actions do you use to grow a positive attitude?

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  1. Jessica Brodie
    12 November 2019 / 9:39 pm

    So true – the only thing we can control is our attitude. A positive attitude makes such a huge difference!

  2. Ava
    13 November 2019 / 5:48 pm

    Learning to change can be fun too. Thanks Jess!

  3. 14 November 2019 / 3:02 pm

    Ava, love this article. Especially like the attitude types you listed. I never thought about many of those that Jesus dealt with. And we can deal with them today in others and ourselves if we don’t guard against them. Like how you reminded us that while we can’t control many things in this life, or others, we can control our attitude.

  4. Ava
    15 November 2019 / 5:25 pm

    Absolutely, thanks for your thoughts Karen!

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