How To Design Your Enchanting Wedding Mood Board

The concept of mood boards is not unique. But it can be distinctive. A collage of ideas. Specific to your tastes and preferences. To define your theme. Focus on your design.

Love is patient.

It is a glimpse of all the ideas you are considering. And works well for special occasions like your #engagement celebration. Leading to your #bigday the #wedding day.

Love is kind.

As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Right now you might be so excited or unable to articulate what you like. Pictures burst with inspiration. They help capture your thoughts and wishes. Convey your design. Add key words for effect #ourday.

Love always protects.

So start creating your board. Top choices are Pinterest. Or Canva. Draft your own template. Or use a model layout specifically for weddings.

Love always trusts.

In arranging your wedding in a far far away destination. A representation of your lifestyle and personal style can be significant in helping the venue organisers meet your exclusive musts, options and ‘maybes’. Planning is fun. Be inventive. Innovative and original.

Love always hopes.

Start browsing. Tell your story. There are so many concepts to encapsulate in your mood board. Depicted from magazines to #weddingplanners. To include #meandyou.

Love always perseveres.

Once you set a theme. Walk through the day from beginning to end. A mood board is your individual mind map. Sums up your design. Add key words for effect. Visualise every aspect and communicate each concept from invitations to reception.

Love never gives up.

[1 Cor 13]

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