Sleeping Tips: Step By Step Guide To Peaceful Sleep

Do you long for a decent, uninterrupted night’s sleep?

When the seasons change and we have to adjust to new sleeping patterns, don’t worry about resetting your sleep patterns or think about this too much. By going to bed the same time you normally do, soon your body will adjust to getting enough sleep.

Did you know that the average person takes seven minutes to fall asleep?

If you struggle to fall asleep or wake up in the middle of the night and are unable to get back to sleep, finding ways to enhance your sleep time is important. Sleep is essential so that you can enjoy a healthier life. From restoration of mental functioning to maximising brain repair as well as revitalising your skin and rejuvenating your organs. However, if your pattern of sleepless nights continue, then it might be time to identify why you are struggling. As the impact of tiredness can have a long term toil on your mental and physical health.

Did you know that during the night phase, anti-inflammatory and anti-stress hormones are released to help repair skin and stem cell reproduction?

An exclusive step by step guide to peaceful sleep with helpful hints to get you thinking about the benefits you will gain from improving your sleep time

  • Make sure you have a large enough and comfortable bed.
  • New research shows that if you do exercise 90 minutes before bedtime you will have a deeper sleep.
  • Having blackout curtains and ensuring that the sleep hormone melatonin is triggered helps get a better sleep.
  • Room temperature can be vital to ensure you are not too hot or too cold.
  • If you have trouble sleeping keep a journal next to your bed and write away your worries before bed.
  • Make sure you have a wind down plan to get relaxed before bed.
  • Try essential oils or sleep products to aid a good night.
  • Using a sleep mask to reduce and block out any unwanted light.
  • Ensure your pillow supports your head and neck appropriately.
  • Research has proved that a hot shower helps you relax and sleep.
  • Try to go to sleep without any disagreements. As this can lead to anxiety that leaves you tossing and turning all night.
  • If you are still struggling try a sleep app like Sleepio or similar ones available on the market.
  • Try to change your thoughts from anxious to calm, otherwise you will end up stressing instead of sleeping.
  • Implementing a bedtime routine by limiting caffeine and creating a peaceful atmosphere can help you relax before it’s time to sleep.
  • And if that doesn’t work try the YouVersion bible app and find a helpful bible plan to overcome negative thoughts.
  • When you awake in the night and cannot get back to sleep – try relaxation techniques and not overreact and worry. Prayer is a good option.

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Did you know that practicing positive thoughts will help you sleep better with less interruptions?

There is more emphasis around sleep in our modern age with medical science discovering more about why sleeping problems have increased in recent years. From sleep disorders to deprivation – disturbances mean we are not receiving sufficient rest necessary for effective mental and physical health. That can affect not only essential health but our ability to concentrate and the risk of accidents due to fatigue.

Did you know that we will spend a third of our lives on this planet asleep?

Creating good night time habits and getting enough sleep assists increased performance, strengthens your immune system to better fight infection and helps you eat less than if you were sleep deprived. So give it to God and go to sleep.

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There is no way you will be able to function if you are sleep deprived. But, with small habits, you will create change and gain better sleep for your mental and physical performance throughout your day. A routine is important, but so is having a plan when you struggle to sleep and don’t get more anxious tossing and turning.

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ThIs post contains affliate links, which means if you click on any product I may earn a small commission, however there is no additional cost to you.


  1. 21 May 2019 / 12:16 am

    These tips are great. I am working to get back into exercising today to start off a great night of sleep.

  2. Ava
    21 May 2019 / 10:17 pm

    Thanks and hope it goes well ?

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