Grief So Abrupt

So delighted to share ‘Grief So Abrupt’ with you! Here is an extract of what to expect in the book…

Grief is lonely and isolating. Shipwrecked and left merciless to the elements of the waves, which appear drowning at times.

There are so many questions. Will life ever be normal again?

You hang onto the wreckage, seeking ways to survive. There is no determined way to splutteringly tread the billowing sea of mourning, as a wave returns and smacks the air out of you. Except, in the eternal God we have a promise that one day we will grasp this demise and empathise. Through the battering of the waves you will survive.

Undeniably, you do not realise that somehow you have the strength to keep going. Though the discomfort and pain may never disappear, and you will never erase their memory. We exhibit a scar that shows how profoundly we love and have lost.

Along life’s journey, there is no road map for every eventuality we face. Likewise, in grief, you are permitted to feel vulnerable and jaded. Death is part of life and our destiny. Take one step at a time.

May you find the only lighthouse, the beacon of hope in Christ as you lament. While you unremittingly pursue the comfort of a gentle, compassionate God through one of the most harrowing seasons you will ever experience in this lifetime.

We never discuss the fragmenting effect death afflicts us with. To match the stark reality, that swiftly crushes our world.

Through the woods along sodden trails, Guide me: When there are no flowers, And the road ahead is thickened, With the fogginess of the unknown, From day to night, I pray that Your hope, Would allow me to climb up the rocky edges, And away from the darkness of grief, To bright plains where you dear God lead me.

Extracted from Grief So Abrupt

When loss takes us by surprise…

Leading us to question and probe our own life purposes and goals. It can be messy and chaotic, as we cascade and stumble through every stage and part. Only time aids us to gradually regain expectation and find our way out of the darkness towards the light. Undoubtedly, if we follow God, we will never walk in the darkness of grief but will have the light of life, because He is the light of the world (John 8:12).

Great souls die. Remarkable legacies end. Blooming roses wither. Empty space vibrates among our senses. New love is sculptured out of pain.

Ava James

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