3 Benefits of God’s Infinite Love In Times Of Affliction

Are you distraught because your heart is heavy and aching?

Are you overwhelmed by the storms of life?

Do the cares of your world and struggles you face weigh you down?

In our journey through life. We face adversity. Trying times. Misery. Uncertainty. We may not bypass hard times.

But every ordeal. Allows us to be transformed into the likeness of Christ. In the end. All that matters is love. To persevere. We need to let the love of Christ fill our hearts. And lives. Experience His unrelenting love. At the point of our suffering.

Sometimes infirmity and illness strike. Emotional heartache. Grief. Tragedy. Will we survive this? How long? Are questions only God knows. But this is definite. God’s unfailing love carries us endlessly. Despite our broken-ness.

God’s infinte love offers us 3 benefits in times of affliction

1| Measureless LOVE

Open your heart. In this first step. As you rotate towards God. He is waiting with open arms to enfold you with His steadfast love. Right in the middle of your anguish. Difficulty. Pain. Dilemma.

Have you spoken to family or friends about your problems. Being encouraged and obtaining help is beneficial to us.

But, God is the only One that can be there for you continually. Next time when you face a setback. When your heart is heavy with distress. Worry and woes. Go to God first. Share your heart. Present your needs and desires to Him. His love is unfailing. And He is right there. Listening to you.

God’s love is loyal and enduring. He is the Eternal. And His compassion is inexhaustible. Every morning. He grants us new mercies. [Lamentations 3:22-24]

2| Never-ending HOPE

To activate confidence and courage. Anticipation and faith. Love God first. Above everything. How many times have you placed your expectations in things or people? That let you down. Walked away.

However, with God. You will find a constant, committed and continuous hope. That will not fluctuate or waver. His loving kindness is great. And beyond measure. [Psalms 108:4]

3| Invaluable TRUST

Do you hesitate to trust God? Particularly in the middle of turmoil. Trials and despair? You can only understand how much trust means. When you encounter betrayal. Abandonment. Rejection. Stand alone.

In contrast. Trusting in God is as solid as constructing a structure on a rock foundation. Because close friends can console us. To a point. But they are human. And can fail. God is the only One that cannot fail. He holds our destiny. He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. [Colossians 1:17]

That includes being a sincere comfort. At the point of your crisis. Disappointment. Or anxiety. [Psalms 94:19] In the hard. When it’s tough. Through every affliction. God has us in His hand.


There is no end to God’s infinite love. He described His character as love, when His plan for salvation unfolded. And in every page of the Bible we read of God’s sacrificial, unconditional and eternal love that drips into our lives and draws our heartstrings to His.

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