10 Free Self-development Audio Learning To Get The Bounce Back Into Your Step

If you could measure your progress 10 years from now – would you be disappointed?

This might be a profound question. Lockdowns and isolation from the big world has left us with a deficit in our learning skills. Other priorities have taken over and suddenly we may find ourselves needing to pursue a new professional career or upskill. Personal growth begins with self-awareness. Whether you plan on taking big strides or small improvements. There are many personal development plans you can choose from. The market is saturated with free onlining training of some sort. Courses, podcasts, video and audio learning. Why not try these 10 free self-development audio learning to get the bounce back into your step.

2020 will be a year we all will remember. One where a global pandemic overtook our lives. For those of us who have been blessed so far by God’s grace and mercy, there are many lessons we have learned to add to the portfolio of our lives.

On a personal level, you might have your own setbacks, which I am not personally aware of. But, I can relate because I have encoutered my own. However each one of those setbacks has provided opportunities. A place to develop my faith skills. And although we all have different natural abilities, the measure is on how far we have come from where we first started. To trust God when things got tough. And when the winds of adversity blow like a storm that engulfs our world. I have chosen to stand firm. My encouragement to you is to stand firm. To be strong and resolute in the power that God instils in you. He will always make a way out of any desert, wilderness or dark place you find yourself in right now.

10 free self-development audio learning courses

With most of our days spent at home, we have access to the world wide web and there are so many courses, podcasts and apps that can benefit our self-development. These courses I have chosen are from champions in the field. And hopefully you will find and complete some or all of these.

1| Extraordinary Leadership by Robin Sharma

There is a leader in all of us and Robin Sharma is a proven expert in his area. There is much wise advice to assist you to be a great leader in all aspects of your life.

2| Communicate What You Think by Earl Nightingale

Known as the dean of personal development, you will find more than rewarding tips to add a sparkle into your ideas, plans and procedures. While using tact and being articulate in your communication.

3| How To Live On Twenty-Four Hours A Day by Arnold Bennett

More than a century old, this training contains tips to managing your time, increase productivity and improve the quality of your daily life.

4| Stress Management For Better Life Balance by Kimberley Alyn

Sleep disorders, either minor or major can affect us all at some time in our lives. In addition, stress is probably the biggest trigger for lack of sleep. With ways to reduce stress in your life. The aim of this international speaker and well known psychologist is to help us get balance back into our lives.

5| Stress Free Productivity by John Maxwell

Filled with time management skills for getting things done, John Maxwell is a renowned and best-selling author. You will walk away from this free online training with remarkable methods to reduce stress and increase your personal productivity.

6| Dare To Live Without Limits by Bryan Golden

Motivating ourselves is a life long commitment. In this training you will learn ten principles for living a limitless life from this compelling book Dare To Live Without Limits.

7| Motivation: The Key To Accomplishments by Zig Ziglar

This inspirational author has nothing but secrets to achieve success, confidence, motivation and so much more in your career, relationships and most importantly your destiny.

8| Monday Again?! by Marquese Martin-Hayes

In this training, you will find four essentials for a healthy lifestyle and after 1 hour you will be ready to change your persepective on every day from the start to the end of your week.

9| Before You Do, Making Life Decisions That You Won’t Regret by T D Jakes

This top-selling author and speaker has lots of life-changing wisdom and adivce around relationships and issues that need resolving. So much indepth and mind-blowing information based on a Godly perspective.

10| The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen

Influential coach of the two minute rule. This audio training will be exactly what you need to think and be creative. With the limited time we all have in our busy and hectic lifestyles.

LearnOutLoud has over 50,000 learning courses that range from self-development to education, religion and health. You can find something from audio to video that will boost your brain power. There are only three months left to 2020, make an impact in your own life by gaining personal tips from leading motivational speakers, best selling and famous authors plus so much more. With all learning sites there are mixed reviews, so please feel free to do your own homework and decide which learning site works best for you.


Most times we don’t grow, not because we don’t have ideas, but because we fail to have faith in our abilities and capabilities. Rather than concern yourself with what everyone else is doing, just focus on what you are doing to reach your purpose and potential.

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