Five of The Finest: Qualities That Make A Mother Inspiring

Have you thought about all the unique qualities that make a great mother. She gives life. And throughout her live she will be involved in the heart and soul of her family. She has many roles. From caring to keeping. Motherhood may evolve over time and era. But a mother will hold her family dear and precious always.

Naomi was a mother who left her homeland with her husband and sons due to famine. They moved to a foreign land. Her husband died. Now a widow. Her two sons married. But they too died. With her daughter in-laws also widows. And near destitute she chooses to return to her homeland. She encourages her daughters-in-laws to leave her. Oprah bids her farewell. However, Ruth is committed to Naomi. She remains with her. In Hebrew Naomi means the pleasant one; delightful.

1| Loving Mother

To be loved. Is to be loving. Loving others rejuvenates them. Naomi, a wonderful picture of a mother who lost all. But attained a daughter who she loved so dearly. Ruth 3:1

2| Listening Mother

Learn to listen. Practice. Master the skill of good listening. It will lead to healing. And love. In all relationships. I love how Naomi stopped telling Ruth to leave when she realised the genuineness of her heart to stay with her. Ruth 1:16

3| Discerning Mother

Choose to obtain a God listening and discerning heart. Ask God for wisdom daily. Through seasons you will discern both time and judgement. For every word and action. 1 Kings 3:9

4| Dedicated Mother

Teaching your children what counts in life. Is more important than teaching them to count. In life how we learn from lessons. Is what we learn. How special that Naomi became a guardian to her grandson. Ruth 4:16

5| Community Mother

Is the mother who knows society. She has more wisdom to offer guidance to her children. She is street wise to the ways of the world. She will protect and provide security to her children.

Naomi cared for Ruth. Sought the best for her in their community. Looked out for Ruth’s needs and well being as she ventured into the fields.

What a display of love between a mother and daughter. Demonstrating the love God has for us. Devoted and abiding. His promises like the stars.

Read the book of Ruth. Where you go l will go. Where you stay l will stay. Your people will be my people. Your God will be my God.

Have you experienced this loving, listening, discerning, dedicated qualities? That distinguish your role as mother to be nurturing and protective like Naomi was with Ruth.

Please share your experiences. I would love to hear from you.



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