Fear The Killer Of Dreams

You don’t believe in yourself…

You doubt yourself…

You afraid to fail…

How many times have you thought this about yourself?

o Do you have great ideas? But, due to doubt you have missed opportunities repeatedly.

Let go of the negative talk to yourself. You have enough from others. Focus on positivity. Keep being self-motivated even when you don’t feel like it.

o Do you have a calling and consider that you could make an impact?

Except, you struggle to believe in yourself and your dream. Find new friends. New people who share your enthusiasm and aspiration to stretch up. Reach further.

o Have you shared your ideas, perhaps your goals and aspirations with others?

However, due to jealousy and negativity from others. You were afraid to even try. You considered you would fail because you believed their pessimism. People will always offer advice and opinions. But that doesn’t mean their view right.

Joseph, the dream maker. He shared his dream with his brothers and look where it landed him? In a pit. Yet the pit is the beginning of the path that led him to the palace.

If you don’t make the choice. To make a shift. You will allow FEAR to kill your dreams.

1| Do not become so afraid that you don’t believe in yourself.

2| Do not be terrified of failure, that you don’t even try.

3| Do not allow the cloudiness of self-doubts to take over and allure you away from your dreams.

Daniel, the interpreter of dreams displayed an astounding character. He did not doubt himself. He did not fail. Because He knew who He believed in! His wisdom came from God.

If you know your God. You will stand strong and prevail. [Daniel 11:32b]

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