Declutter: 5 Ways In 5 Minutes

Feel like you sinking in stuff? Have 5 minutes to spare?

Statistics confirm that in the UK alone, there 1 in 10 families who never clear out their attics. Over 3.5 billion items of clothing never worn clutter our wardrobes. And approximately 23% of the items in your kitchen are out of date.

Unused. Unnecessary.  Make space for a more pleasant and heartening environment.  So let’s declutter. Find 5 things. Do it in 5 minutes.

From the attic to the bathroom. Box it. Take it to your local charity. Bin anything that has expired. And is tatty.  Simply create a plan that fits your home. And soon it will become a habit.

1| Attic

When packing things in the attic. Label boxes (with date and content). Use plastic as it more robust and durable. Be organised. So that when you look for things. It’s easy to find.

2| Bedroom

To help you decide how to get rid of clothes taking space in your wardrobe. Arrange the hangers in the same direction. Then as you wear and wash clothes. Return them the other way. After six months you can see what you don’t use. Give away items to local charities.

3| Bathroom

Do you have a stack of toiletries? Unwanted gifts? Why clutter your bathroom. Share with a friend. Or donate to charity. If you have used toiletries. Standing on the bathroom shelf. More than a few months old. They may need to be thrown away for bacterial and hygiene reasons.

4| Kitchen

Throw away all expired condiments. Open for more than four weeks. Spices. Condiments. These cannot be used. Start with one cupboard. If you try to tackle the whole kitchen. You will feel overwhelmed. Instead choose one area every day. Or week. And soon you will have 50% less items you don’t require.

5| Living Room

Old CDs. DVDs. Brochures. Newsletters. Leaflets. Strewn in your living area. Keep only things you need.  So much post is junk mail. Or advertising. Recycle it. The same with old CDs and DVDs. There are charities that would benefit from something taking up space. And not adding relevance. To your home.

Once you master the technique. Of organising your space. You can transfer these simple approaches. To the office. Your car. Anywhere.

  • Benefits gained from this. Mean you simplify your life.
  • You reduce the need to acquire lots of stuff. You help another.
  • You learn how to become a minimalist. You become grateful for what you have.
  • You feel less stressed. And this positively impacts your emotional health.
  • You can focus on new opportunities. And get rid of old things that weigh you down.
  • You can enjoy your space. And feel more energised.

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Don’t know where to start? Practice makes perfect and you only get one chance to be the best version of yourself! Now is the time to invest in you. You can find a better way to get through you break-up. Infuse every moment with beauty. Influence every God-given dream into your destiny. And impress your tomorrow with hope and expectancy. You don’t have to do this alone and I know exactly how you feel. But there is hope in your journey, To discover that the sky is the limit. And find an undying passion for living purposefully in the centre of God’s will!

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