Daydreamer Turned Writer

Lost in my thoughts.  When I was little that is what my mum used to say about me.

Yes I am a daydreamer. Immersed in my imagination. The world lights up at just the thought of having to write. Drawn in like a moth to the flame. The ability to gaze and create words from nothing. Use any prop through the immergence of impressions and sketches transformed like animated text that cascades into a story.

Time what is that?

Hours slip by unnoticed. The person who can’t stop writing. My thoughts are scribbled on post it notes. Sometimes on the back of my shopping list.

This is my lifestyle. Outlines that begin as thoughts. Transcribed to paper or my phone then to my computer. Always methodical. And organised. Perhaps this sounds chaotic to you. But there are clear themes and plans. Words impassioned with sentiment.

Concepts arise at the strangest moments. Stuck in rush hour traffic. On the train. Standing in a queue. In the early hours of the morning. Beginning with a few minutes.  Sometimes turns into the whole day.

Am I serious about writing?

That would be most of my life.  Now I call myself a Christian Indie writer. Indie because I don’t think I belong or am affiliated to a set niche. Christian because that is who I am.

I love words and statements. The discovery of numerous meanings to one sentence.  Reading makes no sense unless I can reiterate it again and again. Then reconstruct it and find different connotations.

Writing is never ending. Study and observation. All the time. Even though I have more than a full time job and so much else in my life. There is always time to write. No moment can be lost.

Suddenly I  realised we all have a story. Why not talk about it?

So here is my urban blog. Contemporary and Christian. Writings incorporate my diverse professional background. With so much knowledge why not interlink the two key themes. Subjects from style and beauty, business and knowledge, health and wellbeing to lifestyle and faith. And the back story of a once day dreamer is now turned into a writer.

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