Celebrate The Ending Of 2019 As We Precede The Beginning Of 2020!

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As this year tugs us to a close, looking back what do you see?

Perhaps you had a word for 2019, but as you reflect on the finale of a decade. Have there been moments of failure? Wasted opportunities?

  • Failure – God has something to say for our failures. He wipes them all away and remembers them not. (Isaiah 43:25)
  • Lost Opportunities – Likewise, God has a promise to us for our wasted opportunities. He will compensate and restore to you all the years that were destroyed. (Joel 2:25)

Are you expectant of greater things as you peek ahead?

The one thing we can take into a New Year and introduction of a fresh decade is to learn from the past, so we do not repeat the same mistakes. If you glance back when driving, and constantly focus on your rear-view mirror, you are more inclined to veer off the road and possibly cause an accident.

Whether the past has been bad or good, don’t get stuck there. Don’t long for the ‘good old days’. That is not wise. (Ecclesiastes 7:10) As we get older, we can fall into the trap where we become more excited about the past than the future. However, God knows what He is doing. He has plans that exceed ours, filled with hope. (Jeremiah 29:11) for the year ahead as you brace the birth of this decade. We can take our hats off, pay tribute to the last year as we leave every disappointment, sorrow and regret behind. Remembering how God has helped us. (1 Samuel 7:12) Roll up our sleeves and get ready to embark on something new as we look forward, and expect great things from God.

Are you anxious about the future?

Recall the faithfulness of God that has been a dominant thread through the last year and decade and confidently retain every promise He has kept. (Joshua 21:45)

Personally, who else can you trust, but God to have such an immaculate track record like that? Paul encountered whippings, stoning’s, betrayals at the hands of those he trusted, but boldly proclaimed that God had stood by him, just as He promised. (Acts 26:22)

Jeremiah experienced his own afflictions yet affirmed that the loyalty of God’s love will never run out, nor will His mercies dry up. Every morning they are brand new in so many ways. There is no end to His faithfulness. (Lamentations 3:22-23)

Have you failed God at points in the last year? Glimpsing back on this decade – were there times you felt disillusioned, discontented or dismayed? In all that did God abandon you? I can confidently answer that for you – No.

It is obvious, neither will He desert you now as you advance into 2020 and the forthcoming decade. Trust Him completely and wholeheartedly as you stare towards the impending future. Remind yourself of God’s faithfulness, record it and never forget to give Him thanks for all that He has done.

A final note for 2019

I would like to wish you all an amazing New Year! Join me in January 2020, when I will devote four weeks to look back and discern lessons I have learnt over the last year. And how these have fashioned rules for life that are worth noting.

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  1. adventureswithpapagod
    30 December 2019 / 6:52 pm

    You are right, He never leaves us, in our most difficult years and our best still He is with us. This year I had many failures and many lost opportunities, but He has taught me and grown me through them.
    I have learned so much about trusting in Him this year, and obedience. Two things I believe will carry me through this next year.
    God Bless.

  2. Ava
    30 December 2019 / 7:06 pm

    Thank you so much for stopping by and your inspiring comment. God’s faithfulness will never let us go! Blessings for the year ahead!

  3. 30 December 2019 / 8:42 pm

    “It is obvious, neither will He desert you now as you advance into 2020 and the forthcoming decade” – two nights ago I had a dream where I kept trying to fit through openings that weren’t right for me. I believe the Lord is calling my attention to it. But in the dream, and although I squeezed my way through when I shouldn’t have, he was there with me through it all. How good is it to know he’s always with us. I’m praying for wisdom this year, to find openings that are right for me. Bless you Ava, I look forward to your series in January and reading your learnings xx

  4. Ava
    31 December 2019 / 9:35 am

    Thanks Chrissie! To seek God’s wisdom is truly something else. As my birthday is in January, I always think of what l can ask God for every year. Something money cannot buy. God bless you as you embark into 2020!! Xx

  5. 31 December 2019 / 11:24 am

    Great encouragement for the coming year and decade! Wonderful reminders of God’s faithfulness and his promises faithfulness for the future. Eyes off the past and on to the future! And, as usual, great quotes! Happy New Year!

  6. Ava
    1 January 2020 / 3:12 pm

    Thanks so much Melinda! Happy New Year!

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