Beyond The Horizon

Beyond The Horizon is for you, if you have stumbled across heartbreak and divorce

Flooded with overwhelming emotions. Separation and divorce is a major life change. That can be traumatic filled with feelings of shock and abandonment. You have the choice to utilise this trigger as the biggest turning point in your life. Take positive steps and transform your life. Make sense of what has happened and look towards the future.

Are you facing an unclear future? Has your world changed and you are looking for the next step?

Beyond The Horizon: Inspirational Journey Through Heartbreak & Divorce is based on my life-changing journey embracing some of the challenging moments of heartbreak, encountering hope and lthe opportuity to turn negativity into optimism.

Life has thrown you a curve ball. Things that you hoped would go to plan haven’t. How you respond will make you more resilient. To better handle change. To become more tolerant. Develop tenacity. Begin now. Pray with sincerity and humility. God hears and He knows your heart.

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