4 Top Tips For The Busy Professional To Avoid Burnout In Difficult Times

Are you having a hard time getting on track and regaining focus with work and life? Burnout is something we might not be able to avoid. Health experts inform us that burnout has close links with chronic work stress. And we should recognise the difference between a busy workload and something more serious. The working world has shifted to more ‘working from home’ and the need to remain…

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31 Tips To Make Your Mental Health A Priority

How do you think about yourself, the world and other people? How does what you do affect your thoughts and feelings? Every year we are reminded of World Mental Health Day. Charities come together to talk about this key issue that will affect each of us in our lifetime. From anxiety to grief. Mental health is real and something we need to be talking about and taking care…

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5 Simple Steps You Can Follow To Better Health

Do you have a busy lifestyle? Leading a constantly hurried life can often lead to developing unhealthy habits. In the long run, you can pay a high price, if you don’t think about the impact juggling a hectic schedule has on the care of your health. You are the only one that can improve your health and incorporate simple steps you can follow to better health. Increase the…

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Forget About Worry When There’s Nothing You Can Do – Try And Do This Instead

Are you stressed and anxious? Stress is a big cause of our health problems. This can lead to numerous concerns such as digestive issues, sleep difficulties, irritability, headaches, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and stroke. It can affect your immune system where you are frequently ill and increase your chances of ageing prematurely. What you can do is find your own worry gauge… ‘Are you likely to panic…

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Exclusive Step By Step Guide To Peaceful Sleep

Do you long for a decent, uninterrupted night’s sleep? When the seasons change and we have to adjust to new sleeping patterns, don’t worry about resetting your sleep patterns or think about this too much. By going to bed the same time you normally do, soon your body will adjust to getting enough sleep. Did you know that the average person takes seven minutes to fall asleep? If…

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6 Doable Ways To Build Resilience

Resilience give you the psychological ability to cope with any crisis. If you learn skills to deal with and handle tough times together with trusting in God you will find that building resilience is easier. Especially when adversity strikes and you have to seek new ways to rebuild or restart your life. The circumstances of loss or change can be debilitating and unavoidable. Search for doable ways to…

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