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I know how it feels to be where you are, because I was there. It was at that place I began my exciting journey of writing. Like Joseph in the Bible, when I encountered my own life fall apart, I questioned every element. With my rooted Christian background, I had two choices. To persevere or give up. I chose to keep going until God turned my valley of trouble into a door of hope. I didn’t realise the importance of  living my best life, until I recognised that life has no dress rehearsal. I only get one chance to be the best version I can be. So, I chose to recover and rebuild my life. Now, I want to help others do this too. To turn every moment into being passionate about what you do and chase confidence to become happy and healthy as a whole. And I know just like me, God has a bigger plan for you, bigger than you ever dreamed, even if you feel like all is lost.

My Story

MY Vision

You can become a priority!

You can choose your own path!

There is only one you!

My Mission

Most of us wander through life never knowing who we are or what we want to become.

Live your life according to your values and begin living your dream!

My motto is to become better than I was yesterday

Are you passionate and committed to recover, let go of the past and change your life? Are you ready to take that first step towards a you who will flourish and thrive?


The sky is the limit, never doubt yourself, stay focused, never let anything slow or stop you from concurring your goals and making your dreams happen!

- Myles Jury


Everyday  I aim to  set objectives, be organised, motivate and communicate, manage processes, and introduce measures to develop people.


As John Maxwell says – you should know the way, show the way  and go the way.

Breakup Coach

Are you passionate and committed to recover, let go of the past and change your life? Are you ready to take that first step towards a ‘you’ who will flourish and thrive?



Links to all my books can be found here
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recent articles

recent articles

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Experience & Credentials

Right For You

Background in beauty, management, leadership, law and coaching.

your peace of mind

I will help you realise your dreams, take the leap to broaden your horizon and find unlimited vision in your life.

easy steps, no stress

My coaching involves me listening without judgement, holding you accountable so that you can set life-changing goals.

get started!

I will ask you difficult questions and hold you accountable in every step so that you accomplish your goals and achieve your dream your life.

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