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Small Beginnings…

Ever dreamt that you would grow up and be a famous dancer or artist or writer?

Most of us wander through life never knowing who we are or what we want to become. I have always loved writing, but didn’t think it would take me on such a fascinating journey.

Thanks for reading so far! I am the girl behind Inspired by HIS Words. Created from all the things I love most. Writing has certainly taken me on an exciting excursion. You never realise the importance of life until you realise that life has no dress rehearsal. So you only get one chance to be the best person you can be. Every moment is about creating words from the passionate and lovable pursuits in my life. Seeking ingenious aspects and chasing the carefree and lighthearted features in everything I do. Life should be lived in balance. Away from the hectic and challenging parts of my job and writing, getting lost in beauty and style trends is one of my keen interests. Not forgetting dancing, music and the outdoors. Where the escapade in doing the things I enjoy are such delight.

Being artsy, I like anything related. That means taking the time to practice dancing, piano or guitar can sometimes be quite pressing. Additionally, I never imagined I would utilise all my professional qualifications, so diverse but interlinked. From leadership to medical law; management to beauty. As components of my writings. But in life, every experience and moment is never coincindental, accidental or lost. God uses every part of our past to catapult us into our future.

The story of my blog…

Raised in a Godly family. With my dad a minister. My faith has always been an integral part of me. But I believe like Joseph in following his dream, the road from the ‘pit to the palace’ is a long one. Notably, I experienced my own ‘pit’ where all my beliefs were shaken to the core. Stretching my faith and leading me down a path of searching and seeking. Through my own Valley of Achor Hosea 2:15 I discovered a new door. Of hope. Where my journey of blogging began. Among a number of transcripts and publications. I have published seven books all available on Amazon.


My Writings…

Do you long to grow in every area of your life? It took small steps to begin. I know I am far from success. But each day I aim to live in such a time as this, being aspirational as a lifestyle. To share contemporary life issues, we all tackle, with from a Christian perspective. To shape optimism and expectancy in each mindful moment. And inspire you to pursue a personal encounter with the Giver of HOPE that I have anchored in Christ as I live out my faith today.

Positivity is vital if we are to consider and carefully focus on every dream God places in our hearts. In my daily schedule, words seem to burst out at the most inappropriate times. Passion filled letters, impatiently exploding onto the page or screen when I’m consumed with something else. Besides life would be dull and boring if writing was straightforward. I find myself scribbling illegible notes or tapping on my notepad. Lost in another world. There is an unpretentious love. Because writing is my best reward, where words echo and permeate my world, swirling inscriptions and texts sway all around me.

All I anticipate is that you will see more of Christ through every post and book. From self-development to reflection. That you will have faith and clasp hold of the reason I began this journey in the first place. To run to the One who authors our every chapter of life.

Would love to hear from you…

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