About Me


Thanks for checking out my blog. Created from all the things I love most. As a person I am down to earth. And fun loving. Passionate and creative in everything I do. Some of my keen interests include beauty and style. And fun toppers are skating and horse riding.

Being artsy, I like anything related. So I try find time to play the keys and socialise with friends too. My professional qualifications are diverse but interlinked. To include law, management, marketing and beauty.

Raised in a Godly family. With my dad a minister. My faith has always been an integral part of me. But I believe like Joseph in following his dream, the road from the ‘pit to the palace’ is a long one.

The story of my blog…

In experiencing my own ‘pit’ where all my beliefs have been shaken to the core. And my faith rigorously stretched. Through my own Valley of Achor [Hosea 2:15] I have discovered a new door. Of hope. Where my journey of blogging began. Encompassing my passion for writing. Among a number of transcripts and publications. I have written my personal journey through Christ’s Redeeming Grace.

My Writings…

‘Inspired by HIS Words’ is God inspired. Resolute on being aspirational as a lifestyle. Aimed at sharing contemporary life issues with a Christian perspective. To create optimism and expectancy. And inspire you to seek a personal encounter with the Giver of HOPE that I have anchored in Christ as I live out my faith today.

All posts are focused on my style and reflection. From fashion & beauty & travel tips centred on my style and preference. Tips and reflections established on my faith.

Contact Details…

Would love to hear from you via social media.