7 Top Places To Visit

What can excel the excitement of travel? It extends your mind set. It invigorates your soul. Find your wanderlust. Go on. Seize every moment. Meet new people. Picture grand sights.

Come up close and personal to some of the most marvellous designs of creation. By an awesome Creator [God MOST HIGH].

Here are 7 Spectacular Places to visit. To saturate you with awe and wonder. To seek places far and wide on our breath-taking planet Earth.

1| Amazon River (Brazil)

Basin of marvel. Unrivalled imagination. Second largest river in the world. Diverse. Mythical. Legendary. Life spring of the planet. Accounts for 20% of the Earth’s fresh water. Home to piranhas. Unexplored wildlife. Quiet. But awesome in power. Spanning eight countries. Find an expedition. Be prepared. To experience some of the most stunning encounters ever.

2| Grand Canyon (Arizona, USA)

Be overwhelmed. By the immenseness of this 446 km long and 29 km wide river canyon. Attained width of over 1857 m. Formed over 72 million years ago. Striking colourful landscape. Intricate. Ancient. Well preserved rocks. Layered walls. Choose a hiking trail. Guided tour. On foot. Or horseback. That suits your pace. Not for the faint-hearted. Or unprepared. You will need to be equipped. From weather protection to camping gear. But the experience is out of this world. Amazing sunrises. Splendid sunsets. Helicopter rides to capture these awe-inspiring sights.

3| Great Ocean Road and 12 Apostles (Australia)

Along a winding wild Southern Ocean along the coast of Victoria. Showcasing the limestone spires of the 12 Apostles. Dramatic. Diverse. 400 km journey. From thrill seeking walks. You will be showcased with amazing beaches. Rainforests. Rivers. Rugged coastline. Spectacular seacliffs. Dormant volcanoes. Thundering Waterfalls. Sparkling gorges. Sandy beaches.

4| Northern Lights

Phenomena of collisions between gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere. With charged particles released by the sun’s atmosphere. Causes this stunning sight. Of light. And variations of colour. From pale yellowish green to all red or purple. Bright dancing lights. Rippling curtains of blushed illuminations. Lighting up the sky with an eerie glow. Iceland is one of the locations to boast this experience. With volcanic landscapes. Geysers. Waterfalls. A striking volcanic island. Icelandic waters display Europe’s best whale watching. One being the sperm whale. The largest of tooth whales. A mammal weighing up to 50 tonnes.


5| Taj Mahal (India)

Built by Shah Jahan. As a monument of cherished love. Outstanding Mughal architecture. Magnificient shimmering white marble. That changes colour. Dependent on the intensity of sunlight. And moonlight. Transforming this awesome sculpture of art. In front of the Yamuna River. With outstretched ornamental gardens.

6| Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe/Zambia)

Located on the mighty Zambezi River (fourth largest river in Africa). Known as ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ ~ The Smoke that Thunders. Because the thunder of water can be heard approximately 40 km away. The spray and mist seen from approximately 50 km. David Livingstone named this after Queen Victoria. The only waterfall in the world. With a length of more than one kilometre. And a height of more than 100 metres. Surrounding wildlife in Hwange National park. African Mopane Woodland and grasslands. Home to the world famous big five. Lion, leopard, rhinoceros (both black and white species), African elephant, and Cape buffalo. In addition to the second largest wildebeest migration in Africa on the Liuwa Plains National Park.

7| Wellington (New Zealand)

Nestled between the clearest. Sparkling harbour. And luscious green hills. The capital city is famous for its heritage. Art. Natural beauty. Browse interesting museums. Art galleries. Search native artefacts. Carvings. From the beautiful green stone. To Paua shells. To shark bones. Find action by mountain biking. Sea water kayaking. Stroll along the stunning harbour. Hike around surrounding hills. Ride the cable car up to Kelburn Hill and see the most amazing views of this city.

IN THE END. We only regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were afraid to have. And the decisions we waited too long to make ~ Lewis Carroll

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