Why You Should Mind Map | 7 Reasons

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Did you know that research confirms mind mapping improves learning and productivity?

Mind mapping is a way to organise your thoughts. In a better way. By utilising your creativeness. Advantages are improved memory. In addition to learning quicker, gaining the ability to recall information, becoming more productive and fuelling your creativity. So why should your mind map?

It reflects the way your brain stores. And retrieves information. About any topic. Innovative and capturing. As you express thought patterns. In pictures. And associations. That exist in your brain already.

Research studies state that most people only tap into 1% of the brain’s full capacity. Mind maps can be adapted to any situation. Any problem. And with time you can proficiently develop this skill. In individual ways of expressing your thought patterns. Through pictures and association.

Unlock the vast potential in your thinking with 7 reasons that will change your life…

Self-improvement is vital to learning everyday. From a healthy mind, we can have a healthier body and lifestyle. Mind mapping broadens your mental stimulation as each brain cell lights up.

1| Able to understand and absorb information more easily

From those complex issues you place under your pile of things to do. Mind mapping will help improve your understanding. To catch, organise and interpret thoughts and ideas really quickly. Pen what you are thinking on paper and elevate your mental performance. By being engaged in the process which is fun and exciting.

2| Able to recall information quicker

Allows you to recall information easier, concentrate better. Not feel overwhelmed by tons of information. Leading to greater accomplishment and better learning skills. As you absorb a large amount of information in a simple way.

3| Able to make more effective decisions

Assists you to prioritise. Where you will gain clarity if you have mind mapped a difficult choice on paper, before you head into that meeting. As you have a strategic plan that can be understood and interpreted clearly by triggering your cognitive skills.

4| Able to feel more relaxed and manage your time better.

Allows you to organise your thoughts more effectively. So you are able to meet deadlines and manage different projects simplifiying complex tasks. It can take minutes to scribble your ideas and brain storm answers.

5| Able to enhance your creativity

You can be as creative as you like. Channel your energy into mapping. Doodle but with purpose. And see an uprise in the way you express your ideas. If you keep a notepad closeby. At any time of day, you can simply sketch your thoughts when the inspiration arose.

Start off with a few coloured liner pens and A4 or A3 paper/pad. Include some drawing pencils. And highlighters.

6| Able to gain flexibility

Using mind maps is limitless. As it can be adapted for any age or situation. So versatile, we can present out ideas in a clearer way. Visualise future circumstances. And create a calendar for the year ahead. Sketch stories, problem solve and even organise an event.

7| Able to extend your mental edge

Helps you remember how to get to a decision, from your starting question or picture. Because it holds your concentration and increases your sharpness so you can spend hours jotting down your concepts.

To successfully mind map you will use both sides of your brain.

  • The left brain is good at putting ideas into words. Uses logic. Able to analyse. Reason. Use order. And sequence. Known as the rational side of your brain.
  • The right brain is good at interpreting colours and what you see. Pictures. Metaphors. Symbols. You are creative. Respond to patterns. Rhythm. Movement. Dance and learning an instrument.
  • Both sides contribute different skills. To increase mental performance. Your aim should be to develop both sides. Equally. In order to achieve your full potential. Learning to mind map will greatly extend these skills.
  • The right brain has been lost because emphasis has been on analysis and logic. Creativeness and listening to your intuition has suffered. Hence the decline in imagination and creativity.

Mind mapping gives you the opportunity to utilise your left brain and then boost your right brain. Try this now – use three words to describe where you would like to see yourself in three months. Then devise a mind map by using your senses. So that both maximum performance and structured productivity meet.

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