7 Leadership Principles From The Man Behind The Wall

Famous as a great leader and manager in the Bible for his responsibility of rebuilding the city walls in 52 days. What can we learn from this striking leader?

Bold and persistent were some of his many qualities. As he stated his purpose. In the face of discouragement he persevered and kept up the morale of the men he led in the task they set to accomplish. He endured criticism and remained resolute when confronted with opposition despite what others said. He was an influencer. We all are.

There are many features disclosed from his character. filled with knowledge and experience. But here are 7 of those inconspicuous principles that made this remarkable leader.

1| He had passion

To rebuild the city walls. He set to the task with drive, determination and enthusiasm. He knew what God’s objective was. He had the vision as his purpose.

2| He had motivation

He walked with the men. Motivated others. Listened to their concerns. Offered solutions. Made his ideas known. He acted with grace and did not wane in enthusiasm. He encouraged and inspired. Such a key role of a great leader.

3| He had an unwavering confidence

His foundation was grounded in God. He knew God’s word. He prayed unceasingly. He constantly reminded the men of God’s protection and unfailing presence. In difficult moments. He enthused those he worked with to keep their eyes on God. God gave him the power to influence others. Although the men doubted their abilities. Nehemiah reminded them repeatedly of the faithfulness of God.

4| He had patient resilience

Much negativity was set against him. From sarcasm to threats. False accusations. Suspicion. Yet he remained firm. One of the key qualities of a great leader is to remain unmoved when faced with negativity. The gossip and meanness of opposers did not move him. He remained robust.

5| He had a well rounded view of faith and reality

This was a task that needed strategy. Tact. Project management. He displayed this distinctly. He led the project from start to finish. Considered all the minor details from protection of the men. To sourcing of the materials. To how the building work would transpire. He was discerning.  He possessed the qualities of a SMART manger. Specific. Measurable, Achievable, Realistic. And timely. He was well-balanced. Not once do we see him overreacting. He was tough.

6| He was a selfless hard worker

There is clear evidence he worked hard. With the men. But led them too. He was appointed the governor of Judah. He was diligent. He was humble. Another quality that points towards the importance of his goal to be a servant leader. He served the people first.

7| He had a plan

For any outstanding manager. And great leader. The ultimate aim is to finish what you start. If you begin a project. Then you must see it end. There are many roadblocks. Obstacles that could keep us from finishing a task. Nehemiah remained set. He was disciplined. He accomplished the project.

What astounding qualities any great leader should aspire to. He stood in the gap. He is remembered for his significant leadership. This is such an inspiration to any budding. Or current leader. His eyes remained firm on God, His Rock that carried him through.

Tomorrow join me to look at how great leaders should find the time to have fun too. Because although we must work. We should arrange time to rest and enjoy life.  Nehemiah celebrated with the people in singing and dancing. Marching on the wall. Once the project was completed.

Read the book of Nehemiah in the Bible. Such valuable insights. Check out The Nehemiah Factor an excellent view into the Man Behind the Wall.

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