6 Lifehacks That Shape God’s Purpose And Plan In Your Life

Can you recall any lifehacks that both motivate and energise you? 

I must admit I do not want to spend countless hours searching for clever ideas to make life easier again and again. Self-development is no different. So how can lifehacks shape God’s purpose and plan for your life? Where you could unearth God’s purposeful plan for your life in an easier or quicker way that you could implement for next time?

In our modern world we are so accustomed to rush, that with our new normal; many people maybe trying to fill their free time by staying connected online. Don’t get me wrong I love keeping in touch, but I find between my busy schedule and work-life balance, I don’t have many hours to assign myself to zoom chats or online training, so when I do, I want them to be informative and empowering. Rushing around highlights that part of living today with our hurried lifestyles, we might not spend enough time reading God’s word and then allowing God the opportunity to speak back to us. We might quickly speed read that bible verse and bible plan outline, but how much time do we spend reflecting on it, waiting to hear God speak and pondering over what God is trying to say to us? So that we walk into our day with confidence and God’s certainty that our choices and decisions will match His purpose and plan.

How can you bring simplicity to areas of your life, where most times you could be spinning around in circles?

  • The bible (our life application manual) is filled with advice for any life situation.
  • The key is learning how to decode what you read and apply it to that difficult situation, where you are wondering what God’s purposeful plan is.
  • Lifehacks are intended to improve our lives, so that we do everything better. And when it comes to purpose, we definitely could use some insight and inspiration.

There is much drama in this delightful book in the Bible. Esther was chosen to be part of the Persian king’s harem. History tells us that her beauty was breath-taking. We know little of her background, but as a Jewish orphan, none of life’s struggles made her bitter. Rather she turned out to be better than any girl in the land, revealing a beauty that was evident and adored, particularly in her character. Not once does it show Esther using her beauty to any detrimental advantage. Rather she displayed humility and never forgot her God or her heritage.

Chosen to become queen over hundreds of other women and with her much loved cousin Mordecai as her advisor, she constantly considered what she could do for her people as queen. And as the king had entrusted her with this authority to handle the Jewish people. Where did Esther turn? To her God. Can you imagine sharing a coffee morning with Esther? Having the privilege to speak with her, I believe we would be drawing inspiration from the strategies she would disclose. Where she gained a divine perspective from turning to God first. Especially when there might not have been many mentors around her. And knew God’s peace in all her decision-making and plans.

  • Do you feel like life has tossed you across the ocean for too long?
  • Have you got over one struggle and then a wave hits you and you feel yourself drowning again?
  • Are you paddling trying to reach the surface of your problems and difficulties. And in that place you cannot even consider any purpose, let alone the plan that has God specially designed for you?

These 6 lifehacks outline the benefits we uncover that shape God’s purpose in our lives – because we are chosen and have God’s power to discover the hope of a new beginning

Like Esther, we might be in the middle of adverse circumstances that we have no control of, but if we choose to seek God for His guidance, we will never be left on our own.

I  know when I walk into the supermarket, I already have a specific list of all the items I need and have chosen to benefit my dietary and weekly meal plans. In the same way God has a purpose for us. And the purpose He has for you is different to me. But, He thinks so highly of you He wants you to choose this opportunity to develop a close relationship with Him, to discover exactly what your purpose is. Instead, you need to recognise the value you have, reflected in the decisions you make and start to live in view of this highest potential that God has given you. From His eternal perspective that exceeds anything you think or believe about yourself.

When you begin to align your vision with who God says you are through prayer and studying His word, you will begin to start putting into practice your value by rehearsing the things God has placed in your heart. Why? Because you are full of purpose and should begin to live like you do.

Lifehack #1

Choose God’s life plan for you personally

I keep reminding you of Esther’s stunning looks. Mainly because she is one of my very favourite characters in the Bible. But, importantly I believe God did not create her to be so beautiful just for her to appreciate her beauty. He was unveiling her purpose for His plan. And that began with her beauty. As the queen, every person in the Persian Empire came to know and be mesmerised by her utter beauty. God has that same purpose for our lives, we need to tap in and start recognising what His purpose for our life is.

Lifehack #2

Recognising God’s divine moments that design your situation

In my own life journey, I am learning that everything really does happen for a reason. When you think something is a mistake, accident or coincidence. Remember this: God’s timing is based on His providence. This can be reflected if we look back at the twelve extensive months of beauty treatments Esther underwent, where her preparation to become queen commenced.

  • How can they be relevant to our next step?
  • God establishes us and prepares us before he empowers us for greater things.
  • That long waiting period where you wish you could find the one and get married, or the ache of wanting a baby and knowing that might never be possible.
  • Or longing for a break at work while working hard for a promotion that never happens. Perhaps setting off as an entrepreneur and discovering the long and lonely commitment. There is a reason.
  • And God will alter our perspective in line with our circumstances, through those difficult moments He places us in. To see our heart attitude.
  • How will we respond? Will we choose like Esther to trust that God had bestowed her with a plan to save the Jewish people? God is waiting to prepare you!

Lifehack #3

Allow God to make you brave

The courage of Esther is well documented, because she and only she could make the choice to go before the king. This was against the law. But Esther recognised that God had a plan for her, and that it was only if she had the courage to approach the King, could her request help save her people. So after sound advice and knowing God’s guidance, she took that step into the waves. She chose to look up with bravery and risked everything, by taking her petition in an intelligent and clever series of meetings before the king.

Lifehack #4

The power of fasting and prayer can conveys God’s clarity and bring a change to your situation

Esther was bold enough to recognise when to speak and when to remain quiet. She was willing to fight for others and sacrifice her feelings. She recognised her purpose. She listened to God’s voice of truth that spoke over the opinions of others. She prayed and fasted. Seeking God’s direction and taking time to wait for God’s response.

  • There are many ways you can do this too.
  • With prayer apps available to us, most of the popular ones like YouVersion have bible plans that can assist you to develop this area of your life.
  • Esther’s gaze was undistracted, because she sought God’s grace for a path of humility, that opened a door of opportunity for her to approach the king.

Lifehack #5

How obedience to God is more important than anything else

Who knows how the story would have ended if Esther had not obeyed God. What would have become of her? God’s hand is divinely at work and everything turns out as a happily ever after story. The Jews were saved from genocide. Mordecai was promoted to second in command. And Esther was the most prized treasure of the King. Maybe there is no mention of a fairytale ending. But I truly believe the purposeful plan of God that had begun with Esther standing up and being brave, led to the end exactly as God had orchestrated it.

  • If you are wondering if that can be your story, one of success or numerous possibilities.
  • Then seeking God, working hard on the dreams He has given you and being consistent requires your patience and God’s timing.

Lifehack #6

God assembles everything and everyone for His purpose and plans in your story

Even when you feel like God hasn’t seen that untouched area of your life. The one you secretly wish would change. And have fervently prayed about. Those silent, ongoing pleas. Well, I want to encourage you – He does. Because He is in control of every aspect of our lives. What you can do is let go of that part of your life and surrender it to Him. His will, His direction, His purpose, His plan. There is a dark plot in this Biblical book, the plans of Haman to deceive and manipulate the power that had been placed upon him by the king. Again, we watch as everything unfolded – where Haman was hung on the same gallows he built for Mordecai. And the good that unfolded in the saving of a nation, according to God’s plan.


Life hacks are meant to assist us to overcome pesky obstacles. To offer useful advice, for the next time we find ourselves in a difficult situation. They also provide us with strategies to manage or regain lost time. So that we can embrace God’s purpose in a more efficient way and in any area of our life. These strategies can be adopted to manage your attitude and seek out positive ways to discover what God’s purpose and plan is for that tricky situation that you find so hard to handle. To help you acquire efficient new ways to become savvy and save time doubting or despairing. By learning from the trials, tests and lessons that could obstruct your faith. Then invest God’s knowledge and wisdom into those problems, so that you become richer, more prepared and stronger in actioning healthy choices. Whether you encounter valleys or storms.

Share your thoughts…

Do you think it is a coincidence that Esther’s name meant star? A Jewish girl became a Persian star that shone into a dark kingdom. How do you shine in your world?


Don’t know where to start? Practice makes perfect and you only get one chance to be the best version of yourself! Now is the time to invest in you. You can find a better way to get through you break-up. Infuse every moment with beauty. Influence every God-given dream into your destiny. And impress your tomorrow with hope and expectancy. You don’t have to do this alone and I know exactly how you feel. But there is hope in your journey, To discover that the sky is the limit. And find an undying passion for living purposefully in the centre of God’s will!

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