5 Must See City Escapes

Research tells us that the benefits of travelling and exploring improves our health and well being. Most organisations allocate you with a number of weeks where you can plan how to spend your time off work doing the things you love best from relaxing to wandering and rejuvenation.

Some of my top destinations in the last year have included South Africa and Germany. And with so many more places to visit in Europe, here are five fabulous cities worth visiting in 2019.

Top attractions in all five cities mean you are infused with a local culture of food and music. Transport links are outstandingly like clockwork and you can either choose to catch a train, or bike around each city. Absorbing the art and markets to scenic views and incredible buildings. In addition to the ‘wow’ factor if you are a romantic at heart.

My favourite city so far is Berlin, but here are some favourite pointers that make each city amazing to visit.

1| Copenhagen

This Scandinavian capital city is buzzing with culture. Rich and eclectic. From palaces to Viking treasures. There is some art or sculpture that will marvel you. Known as one of the greenest and cleanest urban settings where if you love cycling then this is the most sustainable way to get around. And if you get hungry on one of your tours then there are many top culinary eateries or Michelin star restaurants to suit your budget.

2| Amsterdam

A place of urban exploration and admiring art. Some must see places include the Van Gogh and Rembrandt museum. Narrow lanes to canals and always a stall with tulips, there are so many aged Dutch classics to intrigue you. Again an abundance of bikes where the best way around to capture all the wonderful atmosphere is by riding around with the wind blowing through your hair. And if you get tired why not hop onto a canal boat and enjoy the sights from there.

3| Paris

Boulevards to bistros. Galleries to museums. Anything creative and tech or simply in between. With so much iconic architecture, a city not to be missed. From both modern to classic. Top culinary places include the local produce. Whether you choose to be enticed into a cafe and enjoy a French pastry or enjoy the colourful street and beautiful parks for a lovely picnic. If you rather stylish then there are a host of luxury boutiques and shops to match your taste. A city to add to your bucket list. There is so much artistic treasures that can be found everywhere. From outdoor markets to street art. There are hidden gems like Monet’s art.

4| Rome

Renowned as both a charismatic and romantic city. Be captivated by the grandeur of Rome. Much like the other top cities. The one common aspect is the phenomenal art and culture. Encompassing historic ruins to churches which will dazzle you as you stroll through picturesque streets, people watch or capture all the popular haunts. Enjoy some delicious Italian cuisine surrounded by scenic views to end your day.

5| Berlin

Definitely my top European city so far. There is so much to mesmerise you in this awesome city. From tangible history to spectacular architecture. It feels like you are stepping out of a history book. A buzzing city that never sleeps, there is something to suit everyone. From taste to budget. A big trendsetter for art, culture and lifestyle. And so easy to get around from public transport to biking about. There is a wonderful feel to the creative and unpretentious charm of non-stop living in the fast or slow lane.

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