5 Benefits That Influence Successful Habits

Science has proven that you are more alert at the beginning of the day. Purposeful actions are easier made at the start of a day. As the day progresses it becomes harder to make decisions. When you establish a routine you can increase your organisational skills by gaining 5 benefits.

1| Prioritise And Manage Time

You become a better manager of time by having a daily checklist. By forming good habits. New routines are constructed. We can save resources for important planning. Free space for brain storming. Creative mind mapping. Productive thinking. A routine simplifies our lives. Helps to eradicate daily stress.

2| Implement A Morning Planner

You may already have one. Let’s improve it. Stack up on resources. Form good habits. Attach new habits to existing ones. Create a routine for each part of your day. A morning routine. Meal planner.Cleaning schedule. Work to-do list. Things that are urgent today. Work. Recreation. Rest. The list is endless. (Remember the Eisenhower Decision Matrix from yesterday).

When you write your daily checklist. Know what you want to do. This keeps you on track with every routine. It will flow like a process through your entire day. Valuable time will not be wasted on decision making skills that can be scheduled for the start of each day.

3| Establish End of Day Reflection

Have a routine before. And for bedtime. This helps you make smarter choices.  Aids sleep. Assists you to prepare for the next day. Gives you time to ponder over the day’s events. The productive bits. And what you need to work on tomorrow.

Start by doing things that will make the next morning easier. Create calming moments that help you slow down and get ready for sleep. Listen to a podcast or audiobook. Plug in some encouraging worship music. Or prayerful bible meditation. Relax with a cup of herbal tea.

4| Daily Plan

Right now take a seat with a pen and journal. Think of all the elements of your day and week you can improve. Develop a routine. Setup a daily to-do list. Look at each point throughout the day. Retell yourself until they are set into each day as a new routine. habit. Brand new habits.

5| Increase Your Productivity

By devoting a small amount of time each morning. To create schedules. To help form new habits. Through routines. (Remember repetition breeds consistency). You will find your day runs smoother. You will become less stressed. You will have more hours to do productive things. Time for work. Time for recreation. Time for relaxation. Time for reflection.

Then at the end of the day in peace [and with a tranquil heart] lie down and sleep, for it is God that makes you dwell in safety and confident trust. [Psalms 4:8] To awake positive, dynamic and enthusiastic at the start of a fresh day!

What benefits have you found by creating routines to form successful habits? Please leave a comment.

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