4 Wedding Themes To Consider

Design. By now you probably have many ideas. Style. The next step is to put them together. Decorations. Create a theme. Turning your big day into one that is exceptional and filled with sensational memories for you and all your family and friends.

1| Christian | Love is

‘Love is’ can be used from the church to the reception 1 Corinthians 13. Add flowers and wedding aisle signs. Use hanging or leaning stand signs. You could use this theme into your reception. For your stationery and table settings. Large frames of this wonderful chapter on display. Favours and gift bags with ‘love is’. Even the decorations for your cake. Think ‘love is’. And everything from patience to kindness to hope.

2| Festival Thrills | Wedfest

Festivals are great if you both love music and food. The atmosphere and spit roast. Simple attire and less traditional. So if you opt for the wedfest. The theme can be a drawn from a festival you both liked most. Design your posters to languards. Bails of hay draped with throws and lanterns. Tipi tents. Retro food van. From sausages to burgers. And ice cream. To sweet treats. Wheelbarrows filled with drinks. Bonfire and games. Dream catchers and wind chimes. Sparklers. And fireworks. Think dancing, fun times, mini-festival wedding.

3| Boho Maybe Rustic | Vintage Inspired

With so many retro themes now back in fashion. Create something Boho from rustic wood and hessian table runners to string, twinkling lights hanging or twirled. Flowers and foliage drapped everywhere. Plain but artistic. Candles in jars with hessian or ribbon in your colour theme. Make your own bunting. With hessian. Hearts. Or shapes of your choice. Seating plans on blackboards. Or a secret garden plan. Add vintage touches for a twist. In an open garden, or barn. Think lanterns, candles, greenery and flowers.

4| Afternoon Tea | Fantasy

From your best romance novels. Your favourite fairy tale to marriage advice to love. Choose concepts from a best selling novel or English literature. Modest ideas like confetti in printed paper dolies. Or stylish metal buckets. Add your personal touch. Or perhaps take inspiration from a Disney film you adore. Hanging flowers, mirrors and lights. Think creative, dreamy, fantasy and ‘happily ever after’.


In devising your wedding love story. Add a touch of romance with ribbons, bows and hearts to every theme. There is never too little of love to sprinkle around. Bring a touch of quirk and be you. Such as adding open decorated photo frames that guests can pose behind. So quaint. And the bridal party can take snazzy photos behind too. How picturesque you invent your theme is all down to you.

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  1. 5 September 2018 / 4:47 pm

    Thanks for this. I could tell you before I even looked at this post what I had in mind, and I was glad to see it was actually included here: Boho/ rustic/ vintage. Of course, that might be somewhat irrelevant because I don’t know how much a man gets to pick a wedding theme or even the kind of wedding dress and overall look a woman might wear. But surely there must be some discussion? Otherwise if a bride and groom have radically different ideas and tastes, and then the bride shows up on the day it might not go over too well. But does the groom just grin and bear it? I haven’t found the answer to that question because I haven’t been in that position yet to seriously explore.

  2. Ava
    5 September 2018 / 8:01 pm

    Thanks Robert for sharing, I think the groom should have a say. Definitely there should be some discussion. I guess like ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ gives the groom the chance to make all the big decisions.

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