4 Concepts To Become An Inspiring Leader

Surrounded with valuable resources on leadership. Anyone can be a leader. But what is the making of  an inspiring one? Have you ever considered that you could be an inspiration to others? How do you become that leader who incites others?

Everyone wants to feel esteemed. Be praised. Feel part of a vision. Possess values that stand out. Lead through pace and expectation. Be an example others choose to follow. A visionary of the future. Start with these 4 ground breaking concepts. 

1| Be the best version of ‘yourself’

People are looking for authenticity. Integrity. Trust. If you speak dynamically. But lack values. Or say one thing. And do another. How can you inspire others?

People need to believe you. They want to know what your beliefs are. Do you portray commitment. Consistency. Predictability. Are you effective? Can you perform. And not only make statements. 

Advantages bloom from loving God with all your heart. Your soul. Your strength. [Deuteronomy 6:5]

2| Listen First

Communication is key to any relationship. From business. To social. Part of being a great communicator means you must learn how to listen first. Then respond. Difficult conversations can trigger negative emotions. Take time to count to 10. Breathe.

Only respond if you have an action that will replace a barrier. Not create another one. Pay attention. Develop active listening. You will become good at drawing ideas. Out of difficulties. Sometimes when people talk about their problems. They already have the solution. Help them see this. Show empathy. Learn how to communicate compassionately. Minimise external distractions. Stay engaged. Ask questions to understand the situation. If you listen effectively the answers are obvious.

3| The power of effective words, attitude, actions

So many times people speak in meetings. In one to one encounters. At public events. But sometimes the conversation of words becomes more of a lecture. Because there is no interaction. The quality of the conversation became all about delivering words. However, did the conversation hold the audience. Were they engaged?

Verbal communication is only productive if. People hear you. Understand you. Think differently. Act differently. Because they are motivated by the impact of your words. What you say should arouse people to change. The power of my words will never be worthwhile. Unless l aim to capture my audience. If you want your words to have power. Then think about what you say to another person. How do your words present your ideas. Craft speech that captures your audience. Moves. Encourages. Evokes action.

You can forge ahead. Drive determination. Find purpose. Communicate influentially. Exhibit a vision that leaves others enthralled. Your trustworthiness should pave your way. Esteeming others with hope. Place your energy where your passion is.

4| Gracious Heart

Being humble means you are charitable and generous to others. The ability to think of yourself less and others more. To learn. Review. Improve. If you aim to be the best version of yourself. You will enhance your strengths like iron sharpens iron. [Proverbs 27:17] By accepting constructive criticism. And wise counsel. You overcome your weaknesses. Leading to excellence.

Through active listening. People will approach you. By compassionate communication. You pay attention to the words you use. And the way you use them. As a leader it is not enough to simply learn. You have to adjust continually. Review yourself. Improve. Seek feedback on every task.

There is a difference between failing. And being outstanding. The key to an inspiring leader is to move others. That means motivating others with these four concepts. Success is a process. Godly beliefs and morals show your concientiousness. Your foundation is grounded on the Rock [Isaiah 26:4].

Tomorrow join me in looking at an astounding leader Nehemiah… the man behind the wall. A biblical leader who showcased an unwavering confidence and obedience in his unfailing God. 

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