3 Romantic English Locations With Impressive Countryside Walks

The colours that surround this season are simply stunning. From dawn through noon until dusk and twilight. On a perfect autumn day when the sky is clear and the sun is shining. Try capture images filled with dynamic sunrises and sunsets.  An infusion of colours so spectacular. Shades of scarlet to orange and red possibly tinged with pink splashed into a blue sky.

Green leaves are transformed. Into so many vibrant colours. And before long a multi-coloured crunchy carpet of oranges, yellows and reds paves pathways.  The chilled brisk air is filled with an exciting feeling. Drawn in evenings to follow enjoying hot chocolate around the hearty woodburner.

Autumn is definitely my favourite season. Because it reminds me of change. As set as the seasons are so is the faithfulness of God the Maker of heaven [Psalms 146:6].  Each season brings so much inspiration and it is God who changes the times and seasons; gives wisdom to the wise and [greater] knowledge to those who have understanding [Daniel 2:21]

  • Before those days arrive, why not take a break out in nature.
  • Enjoy the vitality great for your wellbeing.
  • Long walks around amazing woodlands in the English countryside.
  • Kicking leaves as you trawl down scenic trails.
  • Breathing in crispness and freshness of the hazy autumn air.
  • Laze the afternoon away reading and sipping tea or enjoying a sidewalk coffee.
  • Breath taking moments that calm the soul.

Find a perfect leisurely day in 3 romantic English locations with impressive countryside walks…

1| Stratford upon Avon

A lively market medieval town and famously known for the birthplace of Shakespeare. A writers dream. Boasts the Royal Shakespeare Company and Theatre with stunning gardens set for summer time plays. Holy Trinity Church is a Grade 1 listed church in the heart of the town and the burial place of Shakespeare.  This borders the River Avon and has exquisite footpaths within a few minutes’ stroll from the busy 16th century Tudor style town. Additionally there are many homely tea rooms, eateries and modern shops to suit any taste.

2| Cambridge

A city on the River Cam and home of the renowned University of Cambridge. Famous colleges dating back to the 12th century complemented with grand architecture and gardens include Kings College and Trinity. Visit Fitzwilliam Museum place of art and antique artefacts, one of many museums surrounding the city. Central to the heart is the spectacular Botanic gardens. Many quaint Chapels and Churches to visit too. Stunning trails in the Backs. Legendary punting on the River Cam.  Bridges and parks. And many places to rest or relax.  Such as cosy coffee shops or inviting pubs and food places. If you run out of ideas you can find a charming shop or art gallery to browse.

3| Peterborough

A historic city with a 12th century Gothic facade Cathedral. Scenic woodlands, paths and meadows of Nene Park with some pretty countryside walks and a heritage railway running through the park. There is a railway museum and Bronze Age village. A lovely Gothic style historic family house to visit is Elton Hall with magical gardens. Close by is Burghley House a grand 16th century Elizabethan House with remarkable gardens; recognised for the British Burghley Horse Trials held every September. And after a busy day there is always an informal pub close by to relax uninterrupted.

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