3 Ingenious Techniques To Declutter Negative Emotions

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Spring has a way of soothing all the icicles winter has left around our hearts. Longer days remind us that a fresh season beckons us with heaps of promise. Ahead we embrace the hope of the sun warming us. Unfolding the leaves and gently kissing the budding flowers with the touch of change. Gladdening our soul and flushing our cheeks with new life and beauty as the echoes of winter soon fade.

Traditionally March is spring cleaning month. Our thoughts shift to how we can lighten and brighten our homes. Bring a bit of spring indoors. To open the windows, let the fresh March breeze make us smile. Set a schedule to declutter, not only for every room or cupboard in your home but other areas of your life too.  Some examples include organising your computer or money matters.

Have you considered a spring clean of your emotions?

All those feelings that you may have buried for months or longer. Hibernated over the winter. Due to some past experience you have suppressed them. Bottling emotions can leave you stuck in situations. As you revert to unfavourable or opposing habits.

Staying fixed in the past will not benefit your future self or accelerate progression. Neither does suppression of invalidating emotions enhance a positive life.

In the same way you plan to spring clean your house and dispose of all the unwanted and unused stuff in your home. Detoxing your emotions removes the negative elements that can clog your thoughts and perspective. Increasing the prospect for optimism and clarity.

Do you struggle with transition? Or do you view challenges as a test that offers growth?

Change is demanding. In order to enfold change into your life when it feels too difficult, awkward or uncomfortable. This March we will confront issues that hamper transformation and remove unnecessary emotions that may be holding you back. The commonality in all these posts is finding balance as you master how to let go of hesitation, suspicion and reluctance. For the situations where you delay forging conclusive decisions. But know that if you took the time to declutter negativity you would remodel and sharpen your focus.

Do you love new techniques?

Methods and systems enable us to master and customise our skills and performance. Personally I love new techniques. To support me become a better dancer. Or progress in playing the guitar. Techniques are transferable to all areas of life. I enjoy pursuing perfectionism in every day. Displaying professionalism whether I’m dealing with a challenging client or attaining a flawless finish as a makeup artist.

The point I am trying to sketch. Portrays decluttering your life as an improvement to your daily living space (encapturing your emotions) so that you become more motivated by the simplicity emptying and uncluttering unnecessary items effects. In addition to propelling you to seek new skills and interests. Ponder for a moment on all those relationships you might elude. And never deal with the issues they leave you grappling with. Or confront conflict. From family disagreements to trying friends or spiteful exes. Somewhere, something toxic has crept in and left you feeling drained and frustrated. By eliminating destructive emotions, your actions will become more encouraging, beneficial and effective.

Technique #1| Cut ties with all the lies

Ever get the feeling that you clutter a space to try filling a void?

Cut ties with anyone you once had a grudge with. From small concerns to big problems. Imagine yourself cutting all ties with those negative people as you step away from them and head in a new direction. If they don’t fit with where you want your life to go, that is enough of a reason to cut ties. Believe it or not, you will gain more energy. To devote to other meaningful tasks in life.

Technique #2| Click the delete button

Do you find security in clutter?

Delete people who no longer have any links in your life. The easiest way to determine this is – do they make you happy (bring joy into your day) or do they make you feel like you could run a mile (leaving you stressed and anxious). There is no opportune reason for you to waste time thinking about people who aren’t adding value to your life. The advantages mean you will become more confident in making choices and intensify your forward thinking so that you can establish healthier relationships with new people.

Technique #3| Reset, Realign, Reignite

Are you that person who tussles with holding onto stuff for sentimental value?

It may be time to find the reset button in your life. Previously you might have held onto possessions because of the memories that link you. Press that motivation button where you give yourself a boost of directness. To slowly get rid of things that don’t have any purpose in what you need now or where your future self is heading. Even if you have faced painful experiences, clearing the unfavourable memories will help you move past what you have endured. Like decluttering your home, you begin in each room or cupboard. Removing negative emotions prompts an unclouded heart and an articulacy in your thinking.

Christ taught the disciples to live an uncluttered life, that included caring and giving to the less fortunate, deciding where to store our treasures and removing worry from our life (Matthew 6). Anything that affects your heart and your emotions disabling you from living is decluttering your life. From stress to regret. Hurt to past pain. They will dominate your life until you remove them to find a life of joy, contentment and peace (Proverbs 15:13-15).

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  1. Hina Siddiqui
    6 March 2020 / 11:55 am

    I so much loved these tips to declutter unhealthy emotions, which is such an important thing to practice in our full-of-clutter lifestyle. Great post.

  2. Ava
    10 March 2020 / 12:05 am

    Thanks Hina! Glad you liked these tips!

  3. 10 March 2020 / 3:55 am

    I love the idea of Spring Cleaning Your Emotions! Great tips!

  4. Ava
    10 March 2020 / 7:42 am

    Thanks Lindsay!

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