28 Day Self-care Challenge For Coping With Loss This Valentine’s Day

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Are you dreading the thought of Valentine’s Day?

Loss is a painful emotion. Especially when it is linked to heartbreak. Losing someone you love can push you onto an emotional rollercoaster. One minute you might be smiling and the next you can be sobbing. From a heart filled with love to the seeping of painful emotions breaking your heart into pieces. Self-care is critical, as your heart needs to mend before you can focus outwards in any way. Or regain the ability to love others effectively, if you don’t love yourself first.

  • Most of our day-to-day lives are filled with busy schedules and a flood of hurry, with little time to select healthy habits including taking time to rest. Small stumbles or wobbles to our routine can lead to a downward spiral in the direction of burn out and stress.
  • Part of attaining a sustainable and wholesome wellbeing requires you to make self-care a habit. For your emotions, mental health and physical being.
  • Learn how to recentre to reduce anxiety, when you find yourself tipping on the wrong end of the scale.
  • Practicing self-care has to be your choice! But the results will be worth every effort to your overall wellbeing as you strive towards scheduling time-out from your hectic life to practice self-care prompts that help you cope with loss.

For the next 28 days – practice self-care, take a deep breath and be kind to yourself…

What activities and friendships add value to your life?

  • Begin by simplifying your agenda.
  • Turn over-commitment to situations and people around and let things go.
  • Then make space for what really matters.

It is impossible to try and give to others when our cups are depleted, so fill the month of February with plenty of positivity and limit those negative beliefs.

Day 1: Start a positivity journal

Start a positivity journal challenge for the month. Set 15 minutes aside every day. Choose a themed journal. Ideas include gratitude, dealing with negative emotions, to creating the life you want. The point is to utilise each daily idea as a prompt to impel creativity an optimism.

  • Use bible verses and quotes as motivation.
  • Record how you confidently managed every situation that cropped up in your day.
  • Find something to conclude your day with hopefulness.

Day 2: Implement a healthy eating plan

Sample a more nourishing and nutritious eating plan filled with superfoods, from vegetables to fruits. The returns will include healthier skin, loss of those unwanted inches and a chance to look and feel great in any outfit.

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Day 3: Focus on creating one habit

Choose only one habit to focus on and develop in February. Then with the theme of loving yourself first by doing everything with love, practice self-care. Use these self-care bible verses to remind you about how much God loves you and then personalise them to every situation you face.

Free Printable: 9 Self-care Bible Verses

Day 4: Exercise

Energise your soul with exercise – from yoga to pilates, your mood will improve, you will feel happier about yourself and get an instant emotional lift.

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Day 5: Try hydrotherapy

Wind-up a long day with an invigorating hot shower or bath. I love hydrotherapy and it has been proven that this promotes our wellbeing. Light candles, grab your favourite shower gel or pamper bath products to chill out following the end of a pressured schedule.

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Day 6: Unplug from social media

Choose one day a week this month, where you purposely unplug from social media. Decide on a specific time frame, such as half a day, to take a break and provide yourself with space to breath and think.


Day 7: Learn a new task, skill or hobby

Endeavour to learn a new task, skill or hobby. Continual professional development improves your mind to think smarter and sharper. Aiding a shift in your perspective from negative to positive. I promise you won’t regret it, because you believe you could achieve something and you did.

Day 8: Be still and rest in God

Challenge yourself daily to be still and rest in God, memorise a bible verse to recite back to yourself in trying moments. Use YouVersion for meditation. Or listen to rejuvenating music and podcasts.

Day 9: Time to declutter

Decluttering has so many advantages, from creating space to organising your life. At work and home. Some ideas include sorting all those files on your computer or throwing out unnecessary clothes you have held onto for years.

Day 10: Doodle or colour

Spend 30 minutes doodling or colouring your favourite book. Take this time to be mindful as you savour the activity by being attentive and staying in the moment to slow down.

Day 11: Get a good night’s sleep

Insist on getting a good night’s sleep – an hour earlier to bed, or an extra lie-in on the weekends – to make sure you prioritise respite time.

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Day 12: Reflect and plan

Spend a day reflecting and planning. How would you describe the last year in a few words? Note the highlights, skills and habits you have learned and mastered over the last few months.

Day 13: Be kind

In the same way you show kindness to others, through being polite and compassionate – return that same thoughtfulness to yourself! Believe it or not how you treat yourself will be how others treat you.

Day 14: Track your accomplishments

Track what you accomplish. To-do lists steer us towards excellence, but part of personal growth includes recognising and recording every small win at the end of the day. Use imaginative ways to record progress from keeping a spreadsheet to an accomplishment folder or box.

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Day 15: Read a book

Read a motivational or self-development book every week to make you a better person, work colleague, leader, friend and more.

Day 16: Create your own space

Create your own space, one where you can escape to – curl up in, write, read or journal. Spruce up your couch, bedroom or window seat with your most loved soft cushions and throws. Then slip away for some retreat time.

Day 17: Design you own self-care box

Get innovative and devise your own self-care box. Fill it with anything special and treasured. From your favourite hand cream to adored stationery and pamper beauty products. Utilise it as an instant pickup on bad days when you need extra comfort and calm.

Day 18: Prearrange pamper time

Pamper time is favourable to both your skin and soul. Schedule ‘me’ time where you can enjoy an uplifting or relaxing foot or face mask to revitalise your skin and ease your mind.

Day 19: Aim to say ‘no’

Aim to say ‘no’ more. To people and situations. Start with the small things and then when your confidence increases you will be able to prioritise your commitments efficiently and manage your time more wisely.

Day 20: Delight in nature

Delight in nature, nothing beats a long walk or bike ride in the woods. Appreciate and take pleasure in the smell of the flowers or the breath of crisp winter air. Practice mindfulness and slow down as you relish that spectacular sunset.

Day 21: Personalise your morning routine

Open your day with a personal and much-loved routine, to avoid that rushed feeling. Rise earlier, include a positive podcast or favourite music (something cheerful to boost your motivation) while you get ready for work.

Day 22: Leave comparision behind

Write down all the ways you compare yourself to someone else, then next to each point brainstorm ideas of how to leave comparison behind and write your own story instead. Because you are enough just like God made you.

Day 23: Manage worry

Start a worry tree that you can turn into a prayer tree. When negative thoughts and worries filter across your mind, record it on your tree, and this super helpful app keeps you in check. You can also add a short note with a one-line prayer.

Day 24: Infuse gratitude into your life

Infuse gratitude as a part of your life. End every day with three things you are thankful for. In a month you can look back on your journal and recall your list with positive thankfulness.

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Three Friends

Day 25: Keep hydrated

Hydrate yourself is a simple task but vital throughout the day to maintain concentration and your overall health as you work, exercise or complete daily chores.

Day 26: Set boundaries

Set boundaries and limits to your time keeping and what you expect of yourself. How much time will you spend doing a precise task or activity? Then transfer this concept to your relationships too.

Day 27: Let go

Let go of things and people that lock you to your past or weigh down your soul. The way up from low self-esteem is all about building your ability to let go of things even if it hurts.

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Day 28: Relax and unwind

Relax and unwind, by finding exclusive ways to improve your quality of life and preserve your health. And are all key elements of destressing continually to achieve a work-life balance. Treat yourself to pretty flowers in season. Sit down for a cup of herbal tea such as turmeric and ginger, both soothing with profound healing benefits. Listen to jazz, cook your favourite meal and enjoy a glass of your favourite drink.

What can you do if you are alone this Valentine’s?

It might be a day filled with reminders of lost happiness and romance, but you don’t have to be sad even if you are alone. There are many other people who are in the same situation, you could have a fun evening with other single friends and use laughter as the best medicine with quirky Secret Santa style Valentine’s gifts. Choose to stay busy, retain a positive outlook and invest your energy to become better and stronger.

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Congratulations for joining this 28 day challenge! The way you care for the world around you begins with caring for yourself first. Particularly when you face a void in your life. To prevent health turning into sickness, or success bending into disappointment or the loss of happiness leaving you contending with heartbreak. No matter what circumstance you find yourself in, place God at the centre of everything. Shelf the cares of life and grow strong through self-care. Allow this season of isolation and loneliness as a time for God to restore and replenish your heart, mind and soul.

Share your thoughts….

What positive things can you note that are working for you right now?

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Don’t know where to start? Practice makes perfect and you only get one chance to be the best version of yourself! Now is the time to invest in being you. Infuse every moment with beauty. Influence every God-given dream into your destiny. And impress your tomorrow with hope and expectancy. Join me on a journey where the sky is the limit. To find an undying passion for living in the centre of God’s will!

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