21 Ideas To Start Creating Your Self-Development Plan

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Is self-improvement on your goals list?

In an ever-shifting world, improving one’s potential, purposes and plans is key to survival. There are no limits except the impossibilities we create in reaching the point of no growth. For an easy or mundane life maybe, but if we chase self-improvement we can change our actions. Why not challenge yourself? If you think you have mastered that skill you feel so confident doing, remember there is always room to be better.

Where do you start?

There are hundreds of ideas for you to self-improve along your personal growth journey. Reading books and taking short courses broaden your knowledge base and analytical skills. If you spend most of your time in a work space, then creating one that is inspirational could boost your performance. Personally, I have multiple computers and this helps my own productivity. Before launching into action, tackling fears helps me realise when to remain grounded in reality, as some fears can be overcome easily, while others may take time to work through. Usually this happens on the path of taking your skills to the next level. Personally, I know that a healthy wellbeing can impact how productive I am. So ensuring meals are prepped in advance, as well as staying hydrated when at my desk for long hours makes me concentrate better.

How do you build a self-development plan?

Competition is never far away when we want to become successful, if you find yourself setting up a business you will know that once you start your research, you will discover many other people are doing what you want to do. So how do you stick out of the crowd? To-do lists keep me on track as they help me organise many streams of workflow before bringing them together. And this should be no different for self-improvement. What is on your to-do list to improve your personal growth? When you begin listing areas to improve, you will identify blind spots, that can stop you from progression. How do you navigate your way over to productivity? By committing to a plan of personal growth. List between 10 -100 ways you would like to improve yourself – to grow, learn, change and then be committed to working on each point, slowly and steadily.

What could your personal development plan include?

When thinking of how to start a personal development plan. Visualise where you want to be. Setting a personal development plan is your personalised process to note your strengths, the skills you would like to develop with realistic targets as you focus on goals in your career, to study or to become a better person.

  • Wake up earlier and plan your day. Before you walk out the door you should have a mental plan sketched in your mind.
  • Read a book or do a mini course every week. To broaden your interests and knowledge, in addition to increasing your ability to articulate yourself in different situations.
  • Use Sunday afternoons, for approximately 3 hours to plan your week. Content planning helps you allocate your resources more efficiently.
  • Plug in to positive, uplifting music or a podcast. Try Christian meditation or a prayer app every day. Not only will you make it easy and convenient, but one advantage means you can activate your mind in the morning or destress and calm your thoughts at the end of the day.
  • Have a morning routine so that you are aware of how to prioritise and schedule your day rather than letting events and circumstances take over.

Are you aligning what you achieve in the short-term with your long-term plan?

  • Journal every day. Begin with a simple outline, what you achieved and improved on today. One-line journals have become popular in recent times to help you reflect on what goes right or wrong and help you improve.
  • Focus on one task at a time, multi-tasking isn’t a rule to productivity. When you being a new skill, allocate 5 minutes concentrating on one task, then increase this to 15 minutes until you can concentrate on one task for an hour before moving on or completion.
  • Declutter your bookshelf, filing cabinet and wardrobe. It empowers you to discover new concepts and space. And you won’t believe how it can reduce anxiety and stress levels too.
  • Start acting confident in every task you do by including heaps of positivity and being inquisitive, stop worrying about anyone else or what others are doing, just focus on yourself and how to be more confident.
  • One way to tackle fear is to work with it not run away from that fearful feeling. Is your fear evidence based or simply the worst that you imagine? Then take a moment to stop, breath and restart as you take charge of how you feel.

With your current routine, where do you see yourself in 3 years from now?

  • Aim to appreciate and accept where you are, before moving towards improving skills and pushing your limitations. Mindfulness helps you realise what you are grateful for in this moment rather than dwelling on the past or trying to make everything happen in one day and fast track your future.
  • Get along with everyone – try relate to where they are at and what they are going through – by practicing empathy, being polite and open minded to what is happening with others.
  • Use your time effectively, by avoiding the ‘do nothing’ mindset. Firstly, get organised and soon you will be able to plan and prioritise what is essential and non-essential.
  • Proactive starts with creating your life, not allowing others to determine your goals and owning your results. Use the SMART goal method for every problem you list to find a solution. The more consistent you are in trying, the more you are able to become accountable to yourself.
  • Resolve conflicts rationally and amicably, by considering points of agreement and disagreement then look at how you can work on each to reach forward to healthy, happy and easy-going relationships.
  • Learn how to bounce back after every setback to emerge stronger and confident to tackle adverse situations and problems. Once the initial shock sets in, consider alternatives to your obstacles and then slowly think of how you can plan to move forward.

Do you like the person you are or are there ways you could be better?

  • Manage your own emotional and mental stress so that it does not impact your physical health. Simple techniques like incorporating self-care, relaxation, better organisation skills and having a support system, help you not deplete from full tank to nothing because of tough situations.
  • Push past limitations. You will always yet caught up in monotonous actions if you don’t take risks due to the fear of failing, getting hurt or disappointed. Identify your limitations, then replace them with positive beliefs and start achieving (even if it’s small choices) not procrastinating.
  • How strong is your willpower – to keep going, work towards your goals and grab the power of attainment? With any self-development, a plan is necessary to strengthen the skills you are working on. Strengthen self-discipline by building your brain with knowledge and constant questioning. Plus choose brain boosting foods to improve your alertness and concentration.
  • What choices and decisions are you making today that will improve your tomorrow? For a better life, the life you dream of and want. Learning from mistakes, reframing problems and taking time to reflect on your mistakes all help you improve rather than take shortcuts.
  • Attitude is everything if you want to chase a personal growth mindset. What’s your state of mind? Are you raring to go? Positive to move mountains? Run after self-development and turn yourself into an achiever? Because what you believe you can do, you will! If your aim is to achieve any task set before you, as a result you are already raising your chances to become successful.

Is it really that important to focus on self-development?

I absolutely think the answer to this is yes. God told Habakkuk to write the vision so it will be plain to see and the Bible has over a hundred meaningful scriptures on the importance of vision. If you don’t have a vision, where is your attention going? Most times it’s fuelled with excuses and distractions. So, take some time to ask yourself these questions as you set up your own plan.

  • Where is my focus?
  • Where will I place my attention and awareness?
  • What’s my vision?
  • What skills do I want to develop? Don’t confuse self-development (the process in which you develop your character and abilities) with self-help ( the process you take to overcome or cope with a personal/emotional problem).
  • What will I do to develop these skills?

Next, write down the goals you would like to reach, based on the list of skills you want to develop. How you will manage your lifestyle – personal, professional, spiritual, social, financial and emotional? Now it’s time to look at those behaviours you want to change. Over to you, are you ready to start your self-development plan?


Change your mind. By changing how you think you are making room to improve. Books and courses are a lifeline if you apply new knowledge, as you diligently assign yourself to learning every day. That inspirational space you spend most of your time in, is so compelling as it sets you in the right frame of mind. When you tackle fear, you are celebrating small wins as you level up your skills. Start small, one skill at a time and don’t forget a healthy lifestyle is vital to your performance and wellbeing.

Competition will keep you on your toes, particularly if you are curious to find out what others in your field are doing, then apply your own spin to brainstorm new ideas. With your to-do lists, be as creative as you can be in working out one that best suits your routine and schedule. Once you identify the events, situations or people who annoy and frustrate or make you angry. You can confront those triggers to overcome and tackle blind spots. By being committed to all of the above you are taking action now, not tomorrow or later, on those tasks you have been meaning to do. So that you act as if everything you do makes a positive difference!

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