Did You Know Facts To Boost Your Brain

Our brains control us. Our functions, movements and emotions. One important point is to keep your brain healthy and working well. Recent research indicates that we can reduce the risk of developing dementia by 30% if we make changes to our lifestyle.

  • Did you know that what you eat. How much you exercise. And how you use your brain. All makes a difference to how well your brain ages. And will help you stay happy and independent for years to come.
  • Did you know that foods rich in antioxidants can boost your long-term memory by 39%. This would¬† include eating vegetables and fruit that are packed with vitamins, beta carotene and zinc with every meal.
  • Did you know that even a minimum of less than 15 minutes of good exercise daily can bring long-term benefits. Help get your heart pumping and increase oxygen and blood circulation.
  • Did you know that exercise for your mind is just as important as exercise for your body. Because your brain is a muscle. Improve your memory by challenging yourself mentally every day. Learn how to memorise. Play brain games. Do puzzles. Jigsaw and Sudoku. Word search and crosswords.
  • Did you know that 60% of your brain is made of fat and fatty acids. So two portions of oily fish like salmon, sardines and mackerel in your diet every week is beneficial to preventing injury and inflammation.
  • Did you know that key connections with family and friends can help lower your stress levels and great conversations help stimulate your mind and benefit you cognitively.

If you are worried about anything, always call your GP. And remember the most important part is getting a good nights rest. Track your progress for the next month. What you eat, at every meal. How much you exercise your body and mind. Lastly, taking time to do things that help you relax and take time out and connecting with important family and friends.




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