How To Pray For Healing [Physical Health]

Are you unwell or have a close family member ill? Do you feel alone? Afraid of the future? Uncertain? Are there questions you don’t understand?

So how do we pray for healing? There is hope. Life in God and His Words.

1| Use the Bible to pray healing verses.

This shifts your focus from your situation. To God. And His power (Isaiah 58:8).

2| Through prayer. God can speak to you.

Use you to help or be part of a miracle. In your life for His glory (Isaiah 50:1).

3| Completely surrender your situation to God.

Wait in expectance for God to work in and through you (Psalms 27:14).

4| Seek God first.

As you patiently wait (Psalms 37:7) for His miraculous power to come through in your situation. Or family.

5| Pray the Names of God.

Trust in Jehovah Rapha, The Lord our Healer  (Exodus 15:22-27).

6| Personalise your pray.

For your own circumstance. Or in prayer for another. Your family member or friend.


There is so much I do not understand. But I look to you for healing. For wholeness.

In my times of desperation I may not know Your will. But I long to serve You with all my heart. Restore my health or the health of my [name] family member. Use the doctors and medical science to provide healing to my body. So that all the healing will be a miracle. For Your praise and glory alone.

I believe that you are able to bring healing and restoration. You are All Powerful. You have my heart and life in Your hands. I give my situation, [name] of family member to You. I trust Your will. And know that Your grace is sufficient for me. Thank you for your divine peace. My health or that of my [name] family member are Yours.  I relinquish total control to You for complete healing, restoration and divine peace in every way.


God knows the number of hairs on our head (Luke 12:7). He planned our destiny (Jeremiah 29:11). If you call out to Him, He will answer (Psalms 107:19-20).

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