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Holiday Destination | Salsa Dance In Cuba

Relax in the Caribbean sunshine. Salsa dance to the background Latin beat. You must learn how to dance. The roots of Salsa originate here. In the streets. By day. And night.

Marvel at the Colonial architecture. Cool down with refreshing sea breezes. Dip into the turqouise ocean. Cuba. Where the rum flows freely. And the call of the wild is strong.

The warm, blue green waters of this Caribbean gem captivate you. Leap into the deep. Go snorkelling. Laze and soak up the sun. On pure sandy white beaches. Unwind sipping on a local drink. Sample the rum. Some are sweet and fruity.

Abound with diverse wildlife. Rare species not found anywhere but here! And the largest colony of flamingoes in the western hemisphere. 70000 if you counting.

You have to take a ride in a vintage car. So many American classics. A definite worthwhile trip. Then tour a cigar factory in Havanna. Hand made. From the lushful emerald green tobacco plantations. The country’s most famous export.

Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember. And remember more than I have seen. Benjamin Disraeli


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