8 Health Benefits Of Coffee

Need a perk up? An energy boost? If you like coffee then read on.

Research has proved that coffee keeps you focused. Alert. And boosts physical performance. The most consumed drink worldwide. Even considered psychoactive. With approximately 400 billion cups of coffee drunk every year!

Much medical research has given us insight into the risks. And benefits too. This post is based on drinking 2-3 cups of quality roasted black coffee.

Here are 8 reasons to ponder over your cup of coffee…

1| The biggest source of antioxidants needed in the protection of your body against free radicals.

2| Helps to protect against type 2 diabetes.

3| Aids the fight against Parkinson’s disease with lower incidences (up to 25%).

4| Helps to lower the risk of certain cancers (up to 25%).

5| Protects against the prospect of heart failure.

6| Improves metabolism by increasing insulin to break down fat cells and aid losing weight.

7| Brightens your mood enhancing the production of neurotransmitter hormones like seratonin to make you smile.

8| High doses of caffeine in blood levels can fight against Alzheimers.

However, there are precautions and risks. So be cautious. If you drink more than 3 cups daily. Moderation is the key to being healthy. In any way.

May your coffee be strong and your #MondayMorning be short. Unknown

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