Leave A Little Glitter Wherever You Go

Glisten through the day into the night. With sparkly makeup currently trending. Glitter is set to stay as a key trend this year!  From eyes. To lips. To be honest why not put it wherever you like! Everywhere. Even in your hair.

It just could outshine all the other beauty products. Get ready for some glitz. Not just for your pencil case.

Your excuse. Simply be you. Try it. Pair it with metallic eyeshadows. Or shimmer with more subtle pastel colours. Top with rhinestones. Glitter tattoos. Sequins. Gems.  If you set to dazzle. Be deliberate. Careful application with beauty glitter glue is key. Apply it with precision. Keep it fresh. And clean.

When life gives you Monday, dip it in glitter and sparkle all day.  Ella Woodward

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