Twinkle, Glitter, Sparkle

Such a dazzling season. Radiance. Brilliance. Glowing  lights. Dazzling. Glimmering. Glitter everywhere. From clothes. To decorations. And makeup.

How can you shine? Sparkle amid the festivities? Find your key trend. The perfect excuse to wear glitter. On everything. With anything. In any way.

‘Tis the season to do so!’ With these shimmery glitters. Be vivacious. Lustrous and make a statement with glistening makeup.

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So shine like the person God made you. By using the word of God as a mirror. For your soul.

By looking to God, you will shine. [Psalms 34:5] You will sparkle in His land, like jewels in a crown. [Zechariah 9:16] If you are wise. You shall shine as brightly as the sun’s brilliance. If you turn many to righteousness. You will glitter like stars forever. [Daniel 12:3]

In this season of glitter and shimmer. Be an illuminating light. Shine!  Let your good deeds glow. For all to see.  And know that this is because of your heavenly Father. [Matthew 5:16]

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