International Stress Awareness Day

Today is for you to be aware of stress. And how it affects your life.

We all face challenges. Worries. Pressures. Problems. Sometimes out of our control. What we can control is how we react. And take care of our own health and well being. You are the only person that can do that.

Look at yourself. Your life. What stressors are you faced with? Find the triggers. Focus on pinpointing a way to tackle each issue. One at a time. Learn new strategies. Start to get support. Manage stress better in your life.

There are 2 things you can do.

1| Start loving yourself

If you take care of yourself first. You will be more effective in caring for those around you. Becoming more effective day to day. At home. At work. In all areas of your life.

2| Stop avoiding the signs

That indicate you have stressors. And the need to address them. Take some time to consider them. Write them down. And begin now.

Download a free leaflet 10 Steps To Stress-free Living from the International Stress Management Association UK. They promote stress prevention and well being.

There are more free downloads. Aimed at reducing stress. And enhancing your well being. Visit the ISMA website to get beneficial publications today.




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