Fear Factor

Are there times you react. Because you are fearful?

The traits of fear are intrinsic. Like the disciples caught up in the storm on the Sea of Galilee. We can see these same characteristics in our lives. When we face challenges. The unknown. Hard places.

In these moments. We can do 3 things.

  • Doubt God. We question whether God cares for us. We question His power. And knowledge.
  • Stop Trusting God. We don’t see God is our situation. So we choose to take control of our situation. Driven by our fear. We seek some element of our live that we think we can control. But our insecurity steers us to become more controlling. By acting obsessive and compulsively.
  • Forget God’s Faithfulness. We suddenly forget that God is unchanging. He remains constant. Forever. This robs us of the power of our faith. We are drawn into silence. Instead we need to draw closer to God.

He still calms storms. He always will.

What fear factors are influencing your life? Have you allowed fear to hold you back? Stop you from reaching your full potential? Leave your thoughts below.


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