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4 Ways To Boost A Positive Attitude

How can you become more positive? In every situation?

The long term benefits. Of learning to relax. Using breathing techniques to lower anxiety. And anger. Gives you the chance to think before you react. Make better decisions. With 4 simple steps. Begin this today.

1|Attitude of Gratitude

Write down 3 things each day you are grateful for. Start keeping a journal. After 30 days you will have almost 100 things to be thankful for. Look at every task from going to work. To managing a home. As something you ‘get’. As a privilege. Instead of ‘have’. As an obligation. Consider people who don’t even have what you do. Soon you will develop a heart of gratitude for even the smallest things.

2| Confront and Adjust

When you face a challenge. Reframe it. Tackle it like an adventure. Find a way to grow through your problems. Embrace them. Become aware that if this door keeps shutting. Let me try another door. Before you know it. You will find bigger and better opportunities.

3|Rejection or Redirection?

Master rejection. A lot of opportunities. Relationships. Circumstances. Won’t be successful. You will be let down. That is the reality of life. Things will fail. Your feelings will be hurt. Don’t take everything personally. Look at each encounter as a lesson. Experience gained. Then look ahead. Better things are coming. Rejection is simply God’s redirection. Or protection.

4| Pull Down or Push Up?

Don’t allow the problems and complaints of others to pull you down. We all have something to complain about. Some people do this continually. In every way. Every day. Don’t fall into that trap. When someone talks about their life. Has a negative outlook. Always choosing to look at the downside of situations. Lack of optimism or motivation. Listen. Then rather than getting drawn in. To respond. Or give advice. Simply change the conversation to more positive things. Keep doing this until they give up. Or kindly excuse yourself.

Soon you will act rationally. All the time. Be able to impact others with your positive attitude and expression. You will feel happier. Be less strained. Act pragmatically under pressure. And look up confidently.

Would love to hear how you boost positivity. Share your thoughts in the comments.


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