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4 Inspiring Contemporary Christian Songs

Music has power.  It affects your brain.

It is incredibly important in the development of your mind.  And the music that you hear from as early as conception to adulthood impacts our cognitive and emotional development.

Music stirs emotions.  And induces moods.

There is a divine connection between the music we listen to and our soul.

Science has confirmed the numerous connections from art to culture and so much more.

And spiritually in Christian worship music there is the mystery and wonder as we encounter God and His presence.

So here are 4 contemporary Christian songs to uplift and invigorate you today…

1|Shape of Your Heart from the Wonder Album by  Hillsong Worship
2| Uncontainable Love from There is a Cloud Album by Elevation Worship
3| Love Won’t Let Me Down from Hillsong Young and Free
4| Here Comes the Revival from the Overflow Album by Planet Shakers

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