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As the warmer weather envelopes us with nature’s beauty… it is the perfect time to focus not only on how pretty we look in the warm sunshine… but our attitudes too…

The outward beauty of Esther was intriguing. How can we become a woman like Esther… here is one of her key qualities … humility [showing or having a modest and meek attitude of your importance in a respectful and self-effacing manner]

There are only 10 chapters in this book, with no references to God, but divulging into this enchanting story… these are the timeless virtues, we learn from this extraordinary woman – she was a woman of amazing beauty [reference made to her gorgeous eyes and dark exotic features] charm that captivated her audience [the people, the King, everyone], strength and guile [tactful conversations and interactions during a difficult time]

Additionally, in Titus 2 Paul writes the qualities for right living… in accordance with sound doctrine… and some of these worth reading are ~ to be respectful in behaviour… not slaves to much wine (v.3) To be self-controlled, pure, kind… (v.5) A model of good works in all respects… showing integrity and dignity in your teaching (v.7) Sound speech that is sensible and logical that cannot be condemned (v.8)… read it if you can…

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