5 Must Read CHRISTIAN BLOGS This Month


Are you following other bloggers?

Do you enjoy reading their blogs?

Over the summer, it is a great time to read… so here are 5 Recommended Faith Blogs by 5 lovely Christian women to check out as part of this month’s must read ~

1| Living Fiercely Loved

Meet Allie Baumann… her blog is to inspire and help you take your walk with God deeper and live in the truth of how deeply loved you are…

2| Radical Christian Woman

Meet Elaine Mingus… a Christian Woman’s blog for those who don’t quite fit in with fundamental or liberal Christians, who have a brain AND a bible, and walk the razor thin edge between holiness and grace…

3| Sew Zip Blog

Meet Megan Zip Parker… a faith inspired lifestyle blog about motherhood and marriage…

4| Steph Writes 4 God

Meet Stephanie Mounier… a blog to share her love for God and make sure you feel HIS love too…

5| The Preacher and I

Meet Linda Smith… insight into the life of a preacher’s wife…

Leave a comment of inspirational blogs you follow.


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