Praying For My Future Husband | Day 19 Dependability

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Day 19

Pray for: Dependability

Spend time praying for dependability:

  • to aspire to be blameless – for God to show him what is good and what is best..
  • to be reliable in all his ways…
  • to be honest so that he is trusted by everyone…
  • to keep his word and promises to others…
Think about all the qualities you seek in another person ~ then start by developing these qualities within yourself…
Talk to God and journal your thoughts…



Don’t know where to start? Practice makes perfect and you only get once chance to be the best version of yourself! Now is the time to invest in being you. Infuse every moment with beauty. Influence every God-given dream into your destiny. And impress your tomorrow with hope and expectancy. I have an undying passion for life and words are such a great way to spark this. Join me on a journey where the sky is the limit!

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