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Secret Beauty Tips From The Book Of Esther

Join me over the next 4 Wednesdays in praying for the beauty God sees in us [from the inside out] to be part of our lives. Making us shine. And glow. In a culture that is obsessed with the way we look. As beauty is more than skin deep.

We will pray for inner beauty (heart, mind and soul) and outer beauty. As we study one of the most beautiful woman in biblical times (who went through 12 months of beauty treatments before she went before the king). Esther a woman after God’s heart. 

She portrayed outer and inner beauty and was revealed as ‘a woman of clear judgment, of magnificent self-control and capable of the noblest self-sacrifice’  Herbert Lockyer.

 For every Wednesday in January, my focus will be on –
1| Inner beauty qualities from the life of Esther…
2| Outer beauty tips…
  •  Week 1 (Jan 4th)… Modest & Humility (Eyes & Lips)…
  •  Week 2 (Jan 11th)… Grace & Favour (Hands & Feet)…
  •  Week 3 (Jan 18th)… Strength & Courage (Health & Diet)…
  •  Week 4 (Jan 25th)…Wisdom & Strategy (Appearance & Poise)…


As you prayer for your own life. To become more beautiful in every aspect. Reflect on this prayer ~ ‘Mirror In God’s Hand’ (author unknown)

I want to be a mirror, Lord… a reflection of Your grace

To shine Your light for all to see in a darkened place.

I want to be transfigured Lord… so the image others see

Will be close to Your likeness and the light You have given me.

I have no light source of my own… but when I look at You

The radiance of Your glory shines in all I say and do.

I could stand to use some polish… I have been cracked and broken too

But it’s not myself that matters it is the light that comes from You.

Though I have some imperfections… I am still useful in Your sight

And in Your hand I know that You will angle me just right.

So that when Your face shines on me… it reflects on others too

And as it does, please use me, Lord to light my world for You.


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