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Give Thanks For A Little And You Will Find Alot

Even though Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated in America and Canada (and not in England)… I have wonderful family and friends who will be enjoying this day of celebration… and it gave me a time to stop and take a moment to reflect…

My character is under construction… and in the last number of years God has brought me to the point where my heart searches for gratefulness in any situation…
I believe moulding our character is part of His plan for our lives… as He makes us more like Him.

1| I have learnt what gratitude is after being ungrateful!

Learning what gratitude is… and how to be grateful starts with… letting go of ‘stuff’ we don’t need… being thankful for what we do have… letting go of people… and unmet expectations… letting go of the past… and of control… and letting things just be… in God’s Hand.

2| Stop focusing on the future… and simply look at today!

There is so much we already have… which blinds us from simply whispering ‘Thank you God’ every single day for… the unexpected… the ordinary… the spontaneous blessings that God pours on us daily.

3| To realise that miracles happen everyday!

Though we may think our prayers are not answered… if we take the time to shift our focus… and be more observant… we will see so much more that we have forgotten to be grateful for… and realise we have so much more than what we want!

So with that… take a few moments to thank Christ for what you have… right now.

Be Grateful…



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