Deep Cries Out To Deep

Christ beckons me to Himself…

To worship Him alone,

To want only Him,

To have no idols [image or representation] that distracts me,

A total surrender [no holds barred] except to exalt Him…

Worship is the aching that burns within my heart.
The extraordinary vision God gave me when I was young is forever imprinted in my heart and mind, as clear as the day I saw it.

That worship is not just an act [ritual], but for every Christian that longs for Christ, to know His heartbeat through worship.

Because He relentlessly chases me, so that I can totally surrender to Him.

To the Eternal One!  Be the fire in my heart that burns from the inside out.
The passionate flame that will never be put out (Song of Solomons 8:6) because salvation belongs to Him alone, the only true King, majestic One, God Most High!


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