What To Do When You Face Disappointment and Rejection

Have you struggled with disappointment and rejection?

Situations… friendships… potential hopes that have all been dashed.

I have wrestled with God… I have asked questions…

Why do we encounter disappointment and face rejection?

Rather than question Him, God asks me to do the following instead…

1| He asks me to focus on Him and not on the disappointment or rejection (from another person)

He reminds me that He is the ‘Man of Sorrows’ (Isaiah 53:3);
He bore my transgressions;
He suffered;
He endured rejection, so He knows exactly what I feel.

2| He promises me that I should place my hope in Him and not any person

Have you felt disappointed and disillusioned by something/someone?
Have you faced rejection?
Have you written your own poems of lament to God?

Ultimately, His plan prevails and will probably be better than mine. He reminds me again that ‘the stone that the builders rejected has become the Cornerstone!’ (Psalm 118:22).

3| He does not want me to see an unanswered prayer as an unfulfilled promise and a way to become disillusioned

He will envelope you with His peace and comfort.
He is more than enough to overcome whatever disappointment or rejection you face.

Be assured that you can cast all your cares on Him (Psalm 55:22).

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