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When You Experience His Joy

At the Welcome evening last night, I received prophetic words from a leader who didn’t even know me.
The heat of the Holy Spirit filled me as he spoke into my life. The details of the prophecy are personal so I will only share the declaration that he said God is taking me on a journey of joy to a place of safety and know Him as ‘Father’ in a redefined way.

I have known pain in the past.

But, I have not given up.

I have pressed forward, despite how I felt.

On each step He shines His light and I am receiving a revelation that the journey of joy is one of freedom. God is taking me on an adventure, taking me to a place of joy and excitement and liberty.

A place I have never been before.

A place of unmitigated freedom in Christ.

This resonated with me as I read 12 Steps to Impossible Joy by Mary Demuth Read more here
At the beginning of this year, I told God that I wanted a change, agreeing to surrender my life to Christ in a new way.

  • I longed for a new story.
  • I longed for Christ to take the reins.
  • I longed for things to change and be different than before.  It’s simple but difficult… Beautiful, but risky.’
  • I want Jesus to be the Hero.
  • I want Him to control all the things I want to control.
  • I want Him to be my Everything, for His joy is my strength (Nehemiah 8:10; Psalms 5:11).

So, I give [and will keep giving] God the pen to grab it and write something beautiful of my life!


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