3 Reasons I Am Writing My Story…

Because writing teaches me all about ~

  1. Waiting …

    Each day is a journey and I will never know everything until I reach the end when I meet the Lover of My Soul face to face. 

    In the present – every moment, every experience, every trial, every tragedy that happens shapes me.

  2. Hoping …

    My life has become an alabaster box that has been broken before the Master’s feet.  Only He knows the cost.

    I have journeyed through my wilderness to find hope, healing and restoration that comes only from Christ.

    Now, all I long for more than anything is to pursue the Lover of My Soul. 

  3. Being Expectant …

    If I meet the future person God has for me who is a God lover and in passionate pursuit of His Presence, then I thank God for answering my prayers.

    Until then, Christ is My Kinsman Redeemer [and will always be My First Love].   I have submitted the pen to Him to write my story as I encountered new hope. 

    If you have not yet received your healing and restoration, then stay with me.

    There is hope.

    In the Eternal One.

[Source of Video: Keeper of My Heart, Kari Jobe ~ youtube.com]


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